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...Living in a morontial existence in this lifetime begins with declaring an intention for your life, one that is in agreement with your universe career of ascension. Yes, it could mean that you are materially well endowed, that you have material capacity, but this is a very superficial aspect of using and manipulating universe energy. The more important aspect is to be in alignment with the universe and the harmony that is inherent in it, to be able to use the energy of the universe in this lifetime, for your great good. Declaring an intention sets your orientation for your life, for your existence, for your living, and that by being aware of this once or twice, or several times a day, assists your mind to support the fulfillment of that intention. --Monjoronson

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MagisterialMission.org Official Launch

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Dear Friends,

This is to announce the launching of our new website dedicated to Monjoronson, our Magisterial Son from Paradise who will soon be arriving in the flesh to assist us in the rehabilitation of our planet. On this site you will find a collection of communications and resources that seek to inform readers of who Monjoronson is and to further prepare us for his arrival. We hope you will find the format we've designed to be more user friendly.

The purpose of this website is to introduce Monjoronson to the world as one whose mission extends to all who reside on Earth. His message will include and at the same time transcend all religious and spiritual affiliations. He will represent the way of the Father, the First Source and Creator demonstrating for us the one family that we all belong to.

Please note, it is not our intention to document every communication received from Monjoronson but to provide a collection of communications that highlight what we consider to be a balanced and consistent picture of who Monjoronson is and the messages he conveys. However, this site is a work in progress and we hope to continually update it with additional communications and resources.

SIGN UP FOR BI-WEEKLY EMAIL LESSONS FROM MONJORONSON: https://www.magisterialmission.org/email-lessons

In an effort to facilitate an understanding of who Monjoronson is and the mission he leads, we are providing you with an opportunity to receive bi-weekly excerpts of his communications in a lesson format through your email. You can sign up for this service by accessing the lessons tab on the website and following the directions provided.

We hope that you make use of this new site by accessing its database, participating in the email program and contributing to future discussions on our blog.


The MagisterialMission.org Team

Vicki Vanderheyden, Program and Content Designer
Sangeet Kumar, Webmaster and Drupal Architect
Chris Maurus, Project Manager, Technical Design/Coordinator
Monjoronson & Staff, Contributors & Consultants