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"This lifetime truly is what you will live on and feast on in your morontial life, as you gain new experiences. You will see this brief archive of history of your soul’s growth and development as a resource for interpreting your new experiences and for re-interpreting the experiences you had during your lifetime." --Monjoronson

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Charles Magisterial Mission Manager and Mighty Messenger - Afterlife - Charles' Bio

Spirit Space Saugatuck, Michigan Teleconference
Tuesday, February 5, 2013
Transmitter / Receiver: 
1. Engaging with Spirit Is a New Activity for You 2. What Do We Have to Look Forward to in the Afterlife? 3. Celestial Prompting with Numbers 4. Asking for Celestial Assistance 5. Capturing Digital Pictures of Celestial Orbs of Energy 6. Reprogramming Your DNA 7. When Is the Best Time to Connect with Spirit? 8. Growing Spiritually 9. Reviews of Lessons Learned 10. Charles’ Biography 11. Your Uniqueness as an Individual in the Universe 12. Adding Experience to That Which Is Complete 13. Advice in Creating a Group

Monjoronson – Illusions vs. Reality - Earth Warming – May 25, 2009 – Evergreen CCDT #29

Evergreen Conifer Colorado
Monday, May 25, 2009
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. The Course in Miracles – Is the World an Illusion?
  2. Calibration of Earth Warming
  3. Are Disasters Necessary?
  4. The Role of Pathogens in the Decimation
  5. Adamantine Particles
  6. Is Disease Part of the Illusion?
  7. Being in this World, but Not of it
  8. Creation Vs. Evolution
  9. Are Viruses Part of the Illusion?
  10. Changes as Part of the Illusion
  11. Hybrid Technology
  12. Validity of the Mayan Calendar
  13. Ascended Masters

Rayson 11-21-04 NOCO58: Gabriel, AnnouncementTo Publish New Urantia Book Volume

Loveland, Colorado
Sunday, November 21, 2004
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Second Revelatory Commission
  2. Organization, personnel and function
  3. Pronouncement of Inauguration
  4. Enhancement to the Urantia Papers
  5. Co-creative – mortals, midwayers & Melchizedeks
  6. Natural development – Rational, reasonable & timely
  7. Machiventa is the beginning presiding officer
  8. Monjoronson will take over when he is established
  9. Will not replace Urantia Papers
  10. Purpose: answer questions and provide additional information
  11. Dependent on development, not time
  12. Validation process
  1. Examine intentions for participation
  2. How will TR’s be involved?
  3. Who will publish these new papers?
  4. What is its relationship to the Urantia Book?
  5. More on purposes
  6. Important role of mortals
  7. An example given by Rayson
  8. What will not be included - example

Monjoronson: A Technical Report on the Forthcoming Mission Transcript 6

Bogus Basin Conference
Saturday, August 14, 2004
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Points of history in this era
  2. The speed of this development
  3. The changes occurring in nations
  4. Zero Point Energy
  5. Ways to move forward within current church organizations
  6. Extra-terrestrials
  7. Characteristics and development of the morontial mind
  8. The role of Machiventa and Monjoronson
  9. The development of archives
  1. The political scene in our nation, the leadership for our next 4 years, will there be observable celestial influence at this point in our history? Will there be something that those of us who can see will realize that there is divine help in all this process?
  2. What can you tell us about changes in other lands, other countries?
  3. Is zero-point energy one of these?
  4. Is there any given time frame in which we might see zero-point energy?
  5. Would you please speak on behalf of the disclosure project.
  6. Will the disclosure project become more public with the citizens of the United States?
  7. Do you have any advice or direction to give those of us that are active within our particular church denomination on ways that we should go forward?
  8. Will the extra-terrestrials give us help in freeing ourselves from some of the old myths? Will the truth come out about the fact that we are not alone in the universe, that others are watching us and thinking about us?
  9. I am perceiving perhaps elevated, things that would fall into the realm of psychic ability, more subliminal communication between us, more knowing...beyond knowing among ourselves...is that part of the time we're in?
  10. If it's genetic are there no practices in that can be done to raise that awareness?
  11. How do we do that?
  12. Your purpose, your role, I'm assuming is both strongly administrative as well as spiritual. Is this anywhere near right? I feel Prince Machiventa is more administrative but are you equally administrative as well as a spiritual uplifter?

Charles; Monjoronson – NOCO #118 - Mission Report; Q&A

Loveland, Colorado
Sunday, April 17, 2011
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Administrative Report for the Present and Future
  2. Training Programs Being Developed
  3. The Curious Seekers from the Christian Churches
  4. Reaching the Latin Culture
  5. Moving into the Public Sector Without Proselytizing
  6. Moving the Christian Churches Forward to Trust and Knowing
  7. This Is a Holistic Effort on All Levels
  8. Sustainable Individuals and Families
  9. Spiritual Wings 1
  10. The Emergent Church
  11. Where Will These Groups Be Taught?
  12. How to Approach Those Who Believe in the “Rapture”
  13. Evidence of the Cataclysms Predicted
  14. Fear Outweighs Belief and Causes Separation
  15. Need for Flexibility and Adaptability
  16. How to Get the Best Possible Leadership
  17. The Dilemma Is Being Divided in Your Loyalties
  18. Courageous Loyalty and Devotion to Highest Duty
  19. Advantages and Disadvantages of Rural Communities
  20. Duty to Protect Family or Others During Cataclysms
  21. Is Taking Another Life Forgivable?
  22. Is Euthanasia an Acceptable Action?
  23. Improving Our Government
  24. Question on Third Circlers
  25. Spiritual Wings 1 – Assist Belief Structure to Explore Potentials

Monjoronson; Machiventa – NOCO #117 -What Will Not Occur

Boulder, Colorado
Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. What Will Not Occur
  2. Monjoronson Will Stay with a Host Family as Life Continues on
  3. There Will Be No Mass Marketing of Monjoronson’s Presence
  4. He Will Be Treated Much like UFO’s Are Treated
  5. Schools Will Be Modeled after Those in Eden
  6. Progress Will Be Slower than on a Normal World
  7. A World Government Will Not Occur until Much Later
  8. Those in Government and Education Will Have Great Difficulty in Change
  9. Progress Will Be Slow as Many Are Unprepared for Big Changes
  10. Man must Not Abandon Social Responsibilities
  11. Developing Emissaries
  12. Making Hard Decisions for Our World
  13. Acceleration into a New Three-part Program
  14. The Role of the Melchizedeks in this New Program
  15. The Use of Mass Media
  16. Establishing Melchizedek Schools
  17. Machiventa’s Role and Co-creative Design Team
  18. Why Are Latinos Slow to Join the Correcting Time?
  19. Light Workers Trying to Manage Earth Changes with Combined Energies
  20. Disappointment at Slowness of the Magisterial Mission

Monjoronson -Q&A Session #99 History of 5th Revelation - Early TM History

Monjoronson.com Q&A Session #99
Tuesday, May 4, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. When Michael fully regained His memories and inherent powers, at that point, did Jesus the man cease to function?
  2. Now that you have arrived and another age is at hand, is there to be another dispensational resurrection? In other words, does your visit here to Urantia presage a new round of resurrections for all the sleeping survivors?
  3. Preamble: Monjoronson, in the past year of so I have written a history which attempted to connect the various channeling episodes from the 19th century to the 20th century appearance of the Fifth Epochal Revelation at Chicago. One who contributed to that writing received, from Christ Michael, the year the First Revelatory Commission came into existence as 1898. The date by itself is not so important, but for a history, knowing a starting point is a very useful thing.
    Would you be so kind as to confirm this date or its correct date for us, and anything else concerning this starting point you would like to tell us?
  4. Can you help shed any light on what appears to be the preparation of a limited-scope revelation in the '1870s' to an epochal scope revelation prepared for around 1906?
  5. Can you point to any particular universe event in the executive branch or administrative branch, or even on Urantia itself, that led to changing to a whole different way of staging an epochal revelation? It almost appears the whole universe got involved to start it up in the Chicago area.
  6. You yourself Monjoronson, were somehow present in the background of these early years of preparing the Fifth Epochal Revelation. While the need for revelation was understood for Urantia to receive for centuries, was it always an epochal revelation that was going to be considered? Did the inspection by Tabamantia and whatever he reported concerning Urantia play a large part to change what should be done for Urantia?
  7. Without prejudicing your answer by stating my interpretations of that transition, can you comment on what appears to be a case of the wonderful coincidence of a virgin group of truth seekers finding Abraham and then the awful warfare their efforts walked into between rival Urantia Book institutions in America just as New Zealand was helping transition their group experience to America?
  8. Did this Urantia institutional warfare cause a door to close and shut out a large number of book readers who would have embraced the Teaching Mission in this period?
  9. Is any of this turmoil in the period being referred to here [late '1980s'] in any way associated with releasing tensions brought on by the very recent adjudication of the rebellion experienced on Urantia? Does the physical world react strongly to major spiritual adjudications or maybe this was an exceptional event with obvious reactions?

Monjoronson –NOCO#116 - Build Infrastructure & Organizations; Train More TRs

Loveland, Colorado
Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Michael’s plans had to wait for completion of the adjudication of the Rebellion Development of infrastructure of organization
  2. Desirable characteristics for participants
  3. Begin by working at the lowest levels, co-creatively
  4. Need is great for good TRs
  5. Position of group facilitator and mediator
  6. Position of group recorder
  7. Position of spiritual consultant
  8. Team members’ roles
  9. Should members of team be like-minded or of diverse opinions?
  10. Discerning true workers from the faddists
  11. This is pioneering work for those with tenacity
  12. Developing the skills to TR
  13. Using TR skills as a team member
  14. Forming co-creative teams technologically, over great distances
  15. Study the councils of the Caligastia 100
  16. Progress will be seen over next 6 months to two years

Machiventa Melchizedek – The Strategic Plan for Urantia NOCO#115

Boulder, Colorado
Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Machiventa’s Perspective of Being Planetary Manager
  2. Rebuilding Spiritual Connections & Infrastructure
  3. The Training Needed for Gaining Experience
  4. School for Growing, Ascending Souls
  5. Contributing to God the Supreme
  6. The Efforts of the Most Highs since the Adjudication
  7. The Strategic Plan for Urantia
  8. Humankind’s Efforts Needed to Move the World Toward the Light
  9. Youths Needed to Come to Awareness Sooner
  10. Look-alike Organizations on Internet Need Discernment
  11. The Greatest Error of Our Lives Is One of Omission to Act
  1. Importance of Translations
  2. Marketing to Younger Generation
  3. Plant Seeds Without Seeking Immediate Results
  4. Feed Fertile Minds of the Young
  5. Mansion World Status for Urantia
  6. Urantia University & Melchizedek Schools

Monjoronson Q&A Session #95- Apostolic Commission - Unselfish Prayer - Meanings Values

Monjoronson.com Q&A Session #95
Sunday, April 4, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Apostolic Commission to Future Generations
  2. Unselfish Prayer:
  3. Meanings and Values:
  4. Discernment:
  5. Your Morontia Career Has Already Begun
  1. Reading from the words of the Apostles in the New Testament, they commission us to declare the good news of the kingdom. In light of the coming Magisterial Mission, should we stand down and await your correctional leading before proclaiming the good news of the kingdom.
  2. However, when I pray for knowledge of the Father's will or spiritual strength to help me resolve some difficulty, isn't that selfish, but also good?
  3. I do not fully understand how my spirituality enhances my discernment of meanings and values. Can you please expound on the significance of meanings and values? Will you tell us in more detail how the grasp of true meanings and values contributes to our spiritual growth and progression?
  4. Even more than the Melchizedeks, we humans are sometimes left standing in the dust of our failure about what should have been spiritual understanding of our problems living life. First, would you mind providing us a discussion about what discernment is?
  5. And second, do you foresee the need to test we humans by setting up exercises to force us to at least engage the process of discernment? Do we gain anything by engaging the process in spite of the failure to discern?
  6. Discussions with you Monjoronson, sometimes lead us into "uncertainties" because most of us accept the statements found in the Urantia text to which we compare your responses. Is it fair to say that what you have to say to us will sometimes tend to undermine our self-satisfaction with the book's answers? Does this confusion in us actually do more good than harm?
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