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Yes, dear ones, you do have incredible capability and capacity. It begins with the recognition that you have a will, that you can set an intention for your life, and that you can train your mind. Training of your mind is very important, and it is only in the rudimentary stages of development, whether in martial arts, or whether in academics, or scientific procedure, or spirituality. This is almost virgin, undeveloped territory for your society, for your spiritual culture.  --Monjoronson

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Rayson 11-21-04 NOCO58: Gabriel, AnnouncementTo Publish New Urantia Book Volume

Loveland, Colorado
Sunday, November 21, 2004
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Second Revelatory Commission
  2. Organization, personnel and function
  3. Pronouncement of Inauguration
  4. Enhancement to the Urantia Papers
  5. Co-creative – mortals, midwayers & Melchizedeks
  6. Natural development – Rational, reasonable & timely
  7. Machiventa is the beginning presiding officer
  8. Monjoronson will take over when he is established
  9. Will not replace Urantia Papers
  10. Purpose: answer questions and provide additional information
  11. Dependent on development, not time
  12. Validation process
  1. Examine intentions for participation
  2. How will TR’s be involved?
  3. Who will publish these new papers?
  4. What is its relationship to the Urantia Book?
  5. More on purposes
  6. Important role of mortals
  7. An example given by Rayson
  8. What will not be included - example

Gabriel - New Potentials in Nebadon- Gabriel's role with Monjoronson

North Idaho
Thursday, November 8, 2007
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Experiencing supremacy in Nebadon
  2. The Willingness of the Father to be with you
  3. Learning to exercise your will and the will of the Father
  4. Gabriel's role in the Magisterial Mission with Monjoronson
  1. How do you, as the third in command in Nebadon, factor in to the Magisterial Mission?

Monjoronson,Gabriel, Ham, Machiventa, Nebadonia; Urantia in Readiness for Magisterial Mission

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Your planet is like an overrun garden
  2. Machiventa's steadfast commitment
  3. "We shall see the apparent miracle unfold"
  4. The temple has been prepared, the teacher has arrived, the staff is all in readiness and now there is the calling of the sheep.

Second Revelatory Commission Project 11-21-04, NOCO #58~GabrielAnnouncement_Rayson

Northern Colorado TeaM, #58- Loveland, Colorado
Sunday, November 21, 2004
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Second Revelatory Commission
  2. Organization, Personnel and Function
  3. Pronouncement of Inauguration
  4. Enhancement to the "Urantia" Papers
  5. Co-creative – Mortals, "Midwayers"& Melchizedeks
  6. Natural Development – Rational, Reasonable & Timely
  7. Machiventa Is the Beginning Presiding Officer
  8. Monjoronson "Will" Take over When He Is Established
  9. Will Not Replace "Urantia" Papers
  10. Purpose: Answer Questions and Provide Additional Information
  11. Dependant on Development, Not Time
  12. Validation Process
  13. Q & A by Rayson
  14. Examine Intentions for Participation
  15. How "Will"Tr’s Be Involved?
  16. Who "Will" Publish These New Papers?
  17. What Is its Relationship to the "Urantia" Book?
  18. More on Purposes
  19. Important Role of Mortals
  20. An Example Given by Rayson
  21. What "Will" Not Be Included - Example
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