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"You have on this planet, the opportunity to overcome shock and amazement at seeing and having conversations with individuals who are so diversely different than you are, visually. Yet, and because of this, you have the opportunity to appreciate those differences, and secondly, to look within to see who the person really is. Remember, this is just a “costume” you are wearing; you are all brothers and sisters of the soul within, and this is the genuine self who you really are in the infinity of time. So see this as an opportunity to develop your spiritual growth in different ways." --Monjoronson

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Rayson 11-21-04 NOCO58: Gabriel, AnnouncementTo Publish New Urantia Book Volume

Loveland, Colorado
Sunday, November 21, 2004
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Second Revelatory Commission
  2. Organization, personnel and function
  3. Pronouncement of Inauguration
  4. Enhancement to the Urantia Papers
  5. Co-creative – mortals, midwayers & Melchizedeks
  6. Natural development – Rational, reasonable & timely
  7. Machiventa is the beginning presiding officer
  8. Monjoronson will take over when he is established
  9. Will not replace Urantia Papers
  10. Purpose: answer questions and provide additional information
  11. Dependent on development, not time
  12. Validation process
  1. Examine intentions for participation
  2. How will TR’s be involved?
  3. Who will publish these new papers?
  4. What is its relationship to the Urantia Book?
  5. More on purposes
  6. Important role of mortals
  7. An example given by Rayson
  8. What will not be included - example

Monjoronson; Rayson – Time for Global Contacts- NOCO#109

Boulder, Colorado
Sunday, July 26, 2009
Transmitter / Receiver: 

By Monjoronson

  1. Time to Move Ahead and Form Global, Congruent Connections
  2. Use the Internet for Networking
  3. Importance of Raising Global Consciousness
  4. Seek for Commonality with Others
  5. The Goal Is for Peace and Sustainable Civilization
  6. Avoid Groups with an Agenda of Ideology
  7. Seek Vision Holders for Civilization
  8. A Matter of Consciousness and Development
  9. Create a One-page Descriptor of Our Organizations
  10. Moving the World Toward Global Wholeness & Oneness

By Rayson

  1. Divine Order and Timing
  2. Coincidence and Serendipity
  3. Increase Your Personal Associations
  4. Meet with Similarly Minded Individuals
  5. Request Your Unseen Friends to Meet Your Needs
  6. Aspire to Higher Levels of Service & Performance
  7. Morontial Service Credits
  8. Using Will to Make Decisions & Take Actions
  9. Will Yourself to Become More Perfect

Monjoronson; Rayson – Global Economy; Topical Lessons

Loveland, Colorado
Sunday, March 15, 2009
Transmitter / Receiver: 

Topics by Monjoronson:
1. More on Economic Meltdown
2. A Normal Evolutionary State
3. Becoming Designers of a Sustainable Civilization
4. Project a Pattern of Balance & Harmony
5. The First of Many Difficulties
6. Change of Attitude among Economic Advisors
7. These Times of Spiritual Pressure
8. The Rapid Distribution of Wealth
9. The Balance Between the Poor and the Wealthy
10. You Never Really Retire
11. Material Possessions and Egos
12. The Economy and Population Problem

Topics by Rayson:
1 .Bringing Lessons Together
2. Ask for Assistance

  1. Update on Population Explosion
  2. Psychic Force Vs. Spiritual Power
  3. Helping Others Through Bad Times
  4. Micro-financing
  5. Avoiding Labels of Various Forms of Governments
  6. Rational Birth Rates
  7. Individual Values
  8. Universe Broadcasts
  9. Exploitation of Developing Nations

Monjoronson; Rayson - Stage Is Set For Social Upheavals – NOCO #105

Boulder, Colorado
Sunday, February 8, 2009
Transmitter / Receiver: 

Topics by Monjoronson:

  1. Macro Level of Events and Developments
  2. Steady Pace of Vibrational Increase
  3. Our Duty Is to Change Heart Energy of Urantia
  4. Financial Meltdown Progresses Worldwide
  5. Governmental Fixes Will Only Be Short-term
  6. Our Economy Borrowed from the Future
  7. Stage Is Set for Great Social Upheavals
  8. Freeing of Trade and Commerce Is Needed
  9. The Equalization of Labor Is Inevitable
  10. Sovereignty must Be Gradually Dissolved
  11. Our Democracy Needs to Mature and Aspire to Higher Values
  12. Conscious, Active Participation Is Essential

Topics by Rayson:

  1. Live a Life Centered and Focused with Light
  2. The Center of the Universe Is Within
  3. Have a Constructive Relationship with Self
  4. Relationships That Support You Kindly and Lovingly
  5. Modeling the Character of Christ to Children
  6. Being in the “Now”
  1. Is World Top-heavy and Unbalanced?
  2. Being Open to Spiritual Growth
  3. Trying to Assist Others with Their Problems
  4. The Gap Between Few Jobs and Many Jobless
  5. The Light Shines Through the Darkness in the World
  6. Interacting with Dis-harmonic Individuals
  7. Developing an Intimate Relationship with God
  8. Overpopulation and the Churches
  9. Children Learn Basic Trust, the Foundation of Love
  10. Most Remediation Occurs on the Mansion Worlds, Not Urantia
  11. Creating Solutions Vs. Solving Problems
  12. We Can Change Future by Changing Paradigms

Monjoronson; Rayson – Living in These Changing Times - Jan. 11, 2009 – NOCO #104

Loveland, Colorado
Sunday, January 11, 2009
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Living in These Changing Times
  2. Difficulties Are Inherent in a Growing Population
  3. "Sustainable Growth" Is an Oxymoron
  4. All Forms of Growth Are Unsustainable
  5. The Transition Era Lacks Sustainable Designs
  6. Much Wisdom Can Be Gained During These Times
  7. The New Set of Lessons Require Regular Meditation Practice
  8. Hold a Positive Attitude Toward Change
  9. Transcending Fear
  1. Teaching Meditation Techniques
  2. Dealing with Anxiety Toward Change
  3. Finding Design Examples for Nations to Follow

Monjoronson; Sondjah - My Name - The Era of Light - Pandemic - CO #20

Evergreen, Colorado
Monday, June 16, 2008
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. The Anointed One
  2. The Era of Light
  3. Receiving God’s Energy
  4. Natural Destruction Taking Place
  5. The Work of Strategic Planning
  6. Some Nations Will Suffer More than Others
  7. Form Good Relationships with Your Neighbors
  8. The Inhumanity of Man to Man
  9. Global Pandemic
  10. Regions must Be Self-sufficient
  11. Learning to Operate as a Global Community
  12. The Global Roles of the Ccdt and Ccwt
  13. Co-creative Decision Making Tool
  14. Devising a Sustainable Democracy
  15. Self Assigned Limits of Population & Growth
  16. Build a CCDT Repository for the World
  17. Making Your Needs Known

NOCO 98 Rayson; Monjoronson; Machiventa; Michael – Correcting Time – Magisterial Mission Delay

Boulder, Colorado
Saturday, April 28, 2007
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Global Progress of the Correcting Time
  2. Relationship Between Various Projects of the Correcting Time
  3. There Will Be More Missions Added in the Future
  4. Understanding the Different Aspects of the Correcting Time
  5. Superstructure and Infrastructure Considerations
  6. Rebuilding Social Structures
  7. Integration of All Aspects of the Correcting Time
  8. Need for Visual Leadership on Urantia
  9. Mortals' Purposes in the Correcting Time Plan
  10. Michael's Study of All 7 Superuniverses for Ending Quarantine
  11. Demonstration of the Receipt of Michael's Love
  1. Meaning of Wars on Spiritual Growth
  2. Urantia Book's Warning on Hurrying Versus Correcting Time Plan
  3. Magisterial Mission Is in Delay Mode

Rayson 101903 NOCO Presence Of Monjoronson -Respect

Loveland, Colorado
Sunday, October 19, 2003
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Preparations for the Magisterial Son
  2. Completion of circuits
  3. Preparation of mortals
  4. Why Urantia?
  5. Increases in morontial potential
  1. The "presence" of Monjoronson
  2. Caligastia’s fate
  3. Enhanced senses
  4. Example of community development
  5. Zero-point energy
  6. Reclamation project
  7. Disruptions and religious chaos
  8. Meeting Monjoronson
  9. Emulating respect for individuals

Monjoronson 092103 NOCO #40 Rayson- Changes In Planetary System-Senses

Loveland, Colorado
Sunday, September 21, 2003
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Upliftment of Urantia
  2. Unexpected development
  3. Anticipation of Descending Son
  4. Co-creative reconstruction
  5. Michael’s resources
  6. Role of Monjoronson
  1. Details of Mortal/Morontial blending
  2. Enhanced senses
  3. Mortal responsibilities
  4. Bi-location
  5. Changes in planetary system
  6. New evolutional ways to uplift world
  7. Photon belt and Mayan calendar
  8. Genetically transferable in potential
  9. Determining readiness
  10. Relationship to physical/health problems

Rayson 081306 NOCO 87 Monjoronson Asking Questions, Changes

Morthern Colorado
Sunday, August 13, 2006
Transmitter / Receiver: 

2.Asking Meaningful Questions:
3.Kinds of Perspectives—what Information Is Sought?
4.Of the Messenger and the Message
5.The Reason Behind the Message—why Has the Tenor Changed?
6.Is There a Reaction?
7.Seeking Validation
8.Training Leaders for the Future
9.Influencing the New Civilization
10.Deciding Your Intention Toward Participation

1.Circumstances Are Changing
2.The Antidote for Fear Is Awareness
3.Building Leadership in Mortal Ranks
4.An Opportunity to Participate Actively
5.Declare Your Intention to Serve as a Leader
7.Distribution of Resources
8.Forming New Societies


1.Forming Spiritual Communities—what Is Required?
2.Cooperative but Not Co-dependent
3.Responding to Subject of Armageddon & the Rapture
4.Activities of the Most Highs
5.More Info on Population Decimation
6.What about Atomic Bombs?
7.Middle East Is a Compounding Factor
8.Worry about Tomorrow Does Not Serve You Well
9.Remain Grounded in the Present

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