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It is important that the “maps” of the student’s individual mind be known. Children who have Down Syndrome are well known for their capabilities and deficiencies. Their areas of expertise within these little people are well known and used to their great advantage. Were your psychologists and educators able to give the same attention to the broader capability of normal and enhanced mind function, your educational system would expand tremendously in its capability to become more effective. --Monjoronson

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Michael; Come Play With Us - Mission Challenges of Monjoronson - Dec 18, 2006 - Marin TM

Marin TM Group - Mill Valley, California, U.S.A.
Monday, December 18, 2006
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Merry Christmas!
  2. The Absolute Value of Experience.
  3. Come Play with Us.
  4. Monjoronson’s Mission and Oncoming Challenges.
  5. Michael’s and Mother Spirit’s Participation in New Life.
  6. Another Requirement for Courage.
  7. Alone.
  8. The Fountain.

Monjoronson – Model for Sustainability – NOCO95

Boulder, Colorado
Sunday, December 17, 2006
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Universe Model for Sustainability
  2. Continued Even, Stable Growth
  3. Opportunities for Growth, Variation and Service
  4. Affects of Isolation
  5. The Plan Optimizes Maximum Potential
  6. Allowance for Possibility of Rebellion
  7. Abundance of Resources Provided for Growth
  8. Orderly System of Upliftments
  9. Disarray Due to Decay of Civilization
  10. Exceptional Management
  11. Freedom to Choose
  1. Finding All the Pieces of Universe Pattern
  2. Justification for Doing Nothing Before Catastrophe
  3. Disagreement about Realities
  4. Stark Differences Between 2 Missions
  5. Seemingly a Contradiction Between Trs
  6. Why Do Humans Persist in Looking for Apocalypse?
  7. Who Serves in Monjoronson’s Mission?
  8. Extraction of Minerals from Seawater
  9. Any Repercussions for Human Caused Extinction of Species?
  10. Question about Disposal of Millions of Bodies
  11. Final Intention of this Series

Monjoronson; Purpose of Sustainability & Survival NOCO 94

Boulder, Colorado
Saturday, December 2, 2006
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Sustainability is a critical necessity
  2. Beyond survival to growth & maturity of civilizations
  3. Universe policies of sustainability
  4. Urantia at extreme end of aberrations
    5 .Loss of souls will be high
  5. Engage your infinite career now
  6. You are mirror of God’s presence on material planes
  7. Universe provides patterns
  8. No limits on growth potential
  9. Disabilities and predispositions
  10. Expected results of cooperative individuals
  1. Maturation & growth of civilization
  2. Significance of Greenland’s melting icecap
  3. Protections from zoonotic disease
  4. Role diseases will play in decimation
  5. Survival of agriculture
  6. Boundaries & separation of national pride
  7. Inter-faith activities
  8. Zero-point energy, both blessing and curse
    9 .Examine needs for survival preparations
    10 .Comments on prayer

Rayson 101903 NOCO Presence Of Monjoronson -Respect

Loveland, Colorado
Sunday, October 19, 2003
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Preparations for the Magisterial Son
  2. Completion of circuits
  3. Preparation of mortals
  4. Why Urantia?
  5. Increases in morontial potential
  1. The "presence" of Monjoronson
  2. Caligastia’s fate
  3. Enhanced senses
  4. Example of community development
  5. Zero-point energy
  6. Reclamation project
  7. Disruptions and religious chaos
  8. Meeting Monjoronson
  9. Emulating respect for individuals

Machiventa Melchizedek; Michael; Althena; Nebadonia - Population Changes - Center for Christ Consciousness

Oakland, California
Friday, November 24, 2006
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Transmission of Harmony (energy re-patterning)
  2. Discussion of population changes
  3. Working in Group Format
  4. Message regarding genocide and violence

NOCO93 Monjoronson; Zarath; Sustaining Government & Corporations -Reason for these Lessons, Magisterial Mission

Boulder, Colorado
Sunday, November 19, 2006
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Much hope for change
  2. Relevancy of these lessons
  3. Encouragement for evolutionary beings
  4. Sustaining government
  5. Maturation of civilization
  6. What sustains peace?
  7. Economy and governance
  8. The issue of immigration
  9. Seeing the larger picture
  10. Forms of government
  11. National pride
  12. Opportunities for leadership
  1. Timing of events
  2. Natural resources
  3. Belief systems
  4. Positive side of selfishness
  5. Materialism of Monjoronson is not immanent

NOCO92 Monjoronson; Zarath; Eregon – Conception, Raising Children, Sustainability of the Individual

Boulder, Colarado
Sunday, November 5, 2006
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Sustainability of the Individual
  2. Developing Potential
  3. The Individual’s Affect on Civilization
  4. Individual Responsibility
  5. Be Willing to Take Risks
  6. Preparation for Procreation
  7. Social Well-being
  8. Feeling Safe & Building Trust
  9. Influence of Family
  10. Selecting Daycare
  11. Mentoring Grown Children
  12. Critical Times of Learning
  13. Assisting Children to Explore
  14. Mansion World Novices
  15. Rest & Leisure Time
  1. Autism
  2. Healing Lack of Trust
  3. Affect of Violent Games on Children

Monjoronson 102206 NOCO91 Zarath Child Rearing & Sustainability

Boulder, Colorado
Sunday, October 22, 2006
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Child Rearing
  2. Fundamental for Sustainability
  3. Raising Children to "Thrive and Survive"
  4. Public Policies, Practices & Philosophies
  5. Testing Religious Doctrine
  6. Peace Is a Measure of Civilization
  7. Sustaining the Power of Families
  8. How Do Technologies Contribute to Morals and Ethics?
  9. Suicide & Abuse Rates as a Function of Deteriorating Society
  10. Social Brush Fires
  11. How Are You Sustainable as Individuals?
  12. State Your Intentions Now
  13. 5-steps from Intention to Action
  14. Life as an Adventure for Children
  15. The New Generation of Children
  16. A Matter of Soul Value
  17. Re-inventing Societies in the New Era
  1. Sustainable State of Peace

Monjoronson 101206 Teleconference-The Voice, Finding The Voice & To Uplift The Human Race

Telephone Conference
Thursday, October 12, 2006
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Ways one's inner voice communicates to us
  2. Tips for establishing a proper environment and technique to hear your inner voice.
  3. Allow the possibilities of a new paradigm
  4. Guard against restrictions imposed by your current understanding
  5. It will be a individual, collective and universal experience
  6. You are in the arena of spirit right now

Monjoronson 100106 NOCO90, Foundations, Intro. to new Students, Light & Life

Boulder, Colorado
Sunday, October 1, 2006
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Intro for 3 new students that are without UB background
  2. Individuality & uniqueness, but with a flattening of culture
  3. Integration of feelings, actions & decisions
  4. Making conscious, intentional decisions
  5. Affecting positive changes
  6. Raising responsible families
  7. Great assistance is available
  8. Be an active receptor and share with others
  9. The love of universe harmony
  1. No argument is likely to work against prejudice, bias or bigotry
  2. Monjoronson’s staff and how they function
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