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...Living in a morontial existence in this lifetime begins with declaring an intention for your life, one that is in agreement with your universe career of ascension. Yes, it could mean that you are materially well endowed, that you have material capacity, but this is a very superficial aspect of using and manipulating universe energy. The more important aspect is to be in alignment with the universe and the harmony that is inherent in it, to be able to use the energy of the universe in this lifetime, for your great good. Declaring an intention sets your orientation for your life, for your existence, for your living, and that by being aware of this once or twice, or several times a day, assists your mind to support the fulfillment of that intention. --Monjoronson

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Where may I find information about terms and concepts I do not understand or am not familiar with?

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When you stumble across a term or concept on this site that you are unfamiliar with, try accessing one of the following resources we provide:

  1. If you are reading from our database of transcripts, you will notice that certain words are highlighted. This means that they are part of our online 'Glossary'. By clicking on the highlighted term, it will lead you to definition found in our online glossary.

  2. For your convenience we have also provided a tab that leads specifically to definitions for terms used in the Urantia Book. Click on 'UB Definitions' and scroll down the alphabetical list.

  3. We have also provided you with a list of other online links that contain related information. Click on 'Resources' and follow one of the online links provided that may be of assistance to you.