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...Find the commonalities among you that engage the belief of love and the oneness of the universe and the Creator. You will find that you have much to work for together, and that you will become far more effective in union with others. The integration of all your fragmented groups begins by the intention of finding oneness of belief among you.  --Monjoronson

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I Am Still Present

Received 9-21-18
Messenger: Monjoronson
Transmitter: Vicki Vanderheyden

9-21-18 Fri. Night
As I settled into sleep, there was Monjoronson. And before I knew it, he was talking. I sensed that tonight was the night he would answer the question I had been asking him ever since two transmitters announced he would not be arriving for generations. These pronouncements left me feeling very unsettled for those who had been told many times in the past that he would be physically here for some during their lifetime.
Since I’ve had uninterrupted communication with Monjoronson for many years, I knew he was still present and approachable. However, I could see where these pronouncements could drain many people of the hope they hung onto especially those who had not had similar communications as I had. I approached Monjoronson with this concern and with the nudge I felt from him tonight, I knew that he was ready to speak about this.
So I quickly woke myself up, grabbed a notebook and pen, prepared to write…
I asked, “What is it Monjoronson, that you want me to share with others?”
He said, “Give them this message from me:”
“Dearest Friends,
I am still here and have been here for many years. And it is at this time, that I wish to share with you a few details related to my activities on your planet, Urantia.
Please understand, that in order for me to be effective in my role as Magisterial Son, I must follow a process of manifestation that requires a deep understanding of the nature of human beings, the history of this planet and how living on this planet impacts its inhabitants. The success of this mission depends on my ability to absorb the most minute details of life on Urantia.
I began this inquiry centuries ago by observing the nature of human beings and the cultures they created as they evolved. But observation cannot replace the experience of living among the cultures at different times of life on this planet. I cannot fully embody humanness unless I live as a human and have a degree of anonymity where I am perceived as just that, another human being.
This requires a period of time where I may walk among you without you knowing who I am. And as I walk among you, I gather my own understanding of what it is like to be human and live under various conditions and in various cultures.
Yes, there will come a time when human progress will necessitate a disclosure of my true identity. But isn’t it better that I experience a time prior to this, when I am viewed and judged on my own human merits rather than by a superhuman identity and reputation that precedes me? I must become a member of the human race and master all aspects of humanness to the best of my ability, much the same as Christ Michael did and as you are doing now, before my true identity is openly disclosed.
I will maintain a presence on this planet for many generations through a series of consecutive manifestations. During the early manifestations, only a few will know me as a Magisterial Son, though there will be many who will unknowingly experience my physical presence in their lives and many more who will maintain spiritual contact with me and my staff. This is the way in which my influence will accumulate, and this is the way we will then function co-creatively together for many years.
I ask each and every one of you not to despair over the possibility that you may not be one who experiences my physical presence during this lifetime, but to remember instead that what is begun here on earth will continue on into your morontial lives. What you desire now may manifest for you later. Know that much of your work is setting a foundation for those who are to follow you. None of your efforts are wasted nor are your desires overlooked.
In the meantime, my staff and I are willing to support you and your efforts through spiritual communication. We have put much effort into establishing new circuits that allow you to do this. Some of you have already discovered this. The ability of humans to communicate with the spiritual world plays a significant role in the success of our co-creative activities together. It will move your planet toward light and life at a much faster pace.
Though the current transmitters serve an important role by communicating the same message to many at the same time, it is just as important that you seek to develop communications skills within you rather than to be solely dependent upon others to transmit for you. Through your communications with us, you will discover your own connections to each message, you will better perceive what rings true for you, and you will be able to access additional information that may extend your understanding of the messages transmitted by others.
Either way you decide to receive communication, developing the ability to ‘discern truth’ is crucial. It is a necessary skill that you will use during your entire ascendant career… well beyond your years on Urantia. It requires that you learn to step away from yourself and objectively observe what you hear, see and feel. And then as you seek to decide what is true, you can also draw from that inner Spirit of Truth that was given to each of you, from your creator son, Christ Michael as he exemplified what to think, what to believe, what to say and what to do through his life and teachings on your planet, as Jesus of Nazareth.
Do not forget the presence of the Father, your Thought Adjuster, that is within you. Talk to Him as you would talk to a dear, trustworthy friend. Commune with Him in silence and feel His peace. Then learn from the insights you receive. He is truly your onsite guide.
We understand that spiritual communication is easier for some and more difficult for others. However, the body you reside in is for the most part, ‘a receiver’. Every one of you has the ability to receive some form of communication from the spirit world once you understand what particular mechanism or pathway serves you best for this purpose. It may not be in the standard methods that you notice others receive from. Each of you is unique and there are many pathways. It is through self-awareness that you discover this.
Know that for every skill you develop, time and effort is required. Spiritual communication is no different. It requires experimentation and practice. It does not require a deep meditative state, but it is often facilitated by stating an intention, asking questions, listening, quieting the mind, and controlling the body. Most important though, it requires a belief that you can communicate with spirit, that you can discern truth, that you can find answers within and that you are safe in doing so.
My friends, feel comfort in knowing that I am still here. You are surrounded by many who hear you and are at this very moment supporting your efforts. We are moving forward with much progress and we look forward to our future collaboration with you. In the meantime, may you feel the compassion, love and peace that we pour over your planet every moment of the day and night.
Yours, in love and service,

A Call to Serve

Dear Readers,
For the past few months, we have been asked by our celestial friends to further prepare for the arrival of Monjoronson, our Magisterial Son. This is a co-creative endeavor, one that involves our effort and participation along side him and his staff in the healing and correction of life on our planet. You may wish to consider what you have to contribute. The administrators of this site have committed to several projects in preparation for Monjoronson's arrival. My commitment extends to these sites as I will attempt to play a more active/interactive role with those who visit so check in with us regularly and please feel free to comment or ask questions. There is so much to consider, to talk about and to discern. We ask only that you approach all communications with respect and reverance for each other.
Keep in mind, Monjoronson has a spiritual presence among many and is known by many other names. His mission as a Paradise Son is to represent the will of the Universal Father/Source to all and to communicate to us what is true. He will come with a philosophy that will guide us toward the rehabilitation of our planet in a way that promotes social equity, personal freedom to grow and a quality life for all. He will serve those with the intent to promote truth, beauty and goodness regardless of personal or religious affiliations. For many of us who struggle with the current affairs on our planet, Monjoronson's arrival could not be more timely.
Since the creation of the Magisterial Mission sites many changes have occured. We are in the process of updating our current software. At this time we are unable to offer individual email lessons. Instead I will continue to post these excerpts from Monjoronson's lessons and any other pubic messages I receive on Facebook for your perusal.
For more information regarding the Magisterial Mission, the Magisterial Son and other participants in this 'Correcting Time' please feel free to explore our internet site at www.magisterialmission.org There you will find many more resources to assist you.


The Perfect Storm

Received 11/11/2016

Messenger: Monjoronson

Transmitter: Vicki Vanderheyden

To the people of the World,

It is not time to build walls or shut doors. We are calling to you… We are telling you it is time to open your hearts and expand your minds to find mercy and forgiveness within you for the confused.

This is what we have prepared you for. Take your training and apply those principles and strategies that unify rather than divide. Look into the hearts of others and tap what is good.

IT IS a perfect storm that has gathered at the perfect time! So how will you respond?

This is your opportunity to act in ways that build connection, that minimize suffering, that help others maintain ‘peace of mind’ in a time that is fraught with confusion and strife. Lead them to the place where you have been led…the only place where the outcome is certain and where you will always be greeted with love, mercy, and forgiveness so much so that it becomes engrained in you to love, forgive and show mercy for others.

To the people of America,

These are your true testing grounds more so than ever before. So we say to you, do not look at this as if it is the end. It is the beginning of the fight to preserve a democracy that ensures equal opportunity

Move forward with those tools you’ve been given that will not only sustain your peace of mind but will assist others to break away from the shackles of apathy, inertia and self-interest.

You have truly been given the clearest picture of the confusion in the minds of your fellow citizens and you have observed the misdirection in their actions. It is time to prepare them for the challenges ahead that in essence they have created. It will feel as if you are Moses himself leading others away from the darkness soon to descend upon them. You may not be able to keep them from being scorched and burned, but you have been prepared to help them walk through this storm with less harm done and with prospects of rebuilding your democracy in sustainable ways.

To all people of the world,

Do not spend your time convincing those who cannot see. Gather your friends, those who are awake and aware and mobilize yourselves. Remember the lessons… Listen, speak and act with your heart. And when you find yourself confused and unable to make sound decisions, give yourself time to clear your mind. Go to that inner sanctuary and there you will find us waiting to nurture you and to provide you with direction.

I speak not only as the one known as Monjoronson and who is known by many other names on Earth, but as a representative of all who are united and committed to the correction and advancement of your world.

MagisterialMission.org Official Launch

Dear Friends,

This is to announce the launching of our new website dedicated to Monjoronson, our Magisterial Son from Paradise who will soon be arriving in the flesh to assist us in the rehabilitation of our planet. On this site you will find a collection of communications and resources that seek to inform readers of who Monjoronson is and to further prepare us for his arrival. We hope you will find the format we've designed to be more user friendly.

The purpose of this website is to introduce Monjoronson to the world as one whose mission extends to all who reside on Earth. His message will include and at the same time transcend all religious and spiritual affiliations. He will represent the way of the Father, the First Source and Creator demonstrating for us the one family that we all belong to.

Please note, it is not our intention to document every communication received from Monjoronson but to provide a collection of communications that highlight what we consider to be a balanced and consistent picture of who Monjoronson is and the messages he conveys. However, this site is a work in progress and we hope to continually update it with additional communications and resources.

SIGN UP FOR BI-WEEKLY EMAIL LESSONS FROM MONJORONSON: https://www.magisterialmission.org/email-lessons

In an effort to facilitate an understanding of who Monjoronson is and the mission he leads, we are providing you with an opportunity to receive bi-weekly excerpts of his communications in a lesson format through your email. You can sign up for this service by accessing the lessons tab on the website and following the directions provided.

We hope that you make use of this new site by accessing its database, participating in the email program and contributing to future discussions on our blog.


The MagisterialMission.org Team

Vicki Vanderheyden, Program and Content Designer
Sangeet Kumar, Webmaster and Drupal Architect
Chris Maurus, Project Manager, Technical Design/Coordinator
Monjoronson & Staff, Contributors & Consultants