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"The most effective practices of discipline with children are those disciplines which assist the child in making choices—ethical, social, moral choices. The most powerfully destructive are those which teach the child to be destructive, to be harmful, to see that power and force are the way of adulthood." --Monjoronson

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A Call to Serve

Dear Readers,
For the past few months, we have been asked by our celestial friends to further prepare for the arrival of Monjoronson, our Magisterial Son. This is a co-creative endeavor, one that involves our effort and participation along side him and his staff in the healing and correction of life on our planet. You may wish to consider what you have to contribute. The administrators of this site have committed to several projects in preparation for Monjoronson's arrival. My commitment extends to these sites as I will attempt to play a more active/interactive role with those who visit so check in with us regularly and please feel free to comment or ask questions. There is so much to consider, to talk about and to discern. We ask only that you approach all communications with respect and reverance for each other.
Keep in mind, Monjoronson has a spiritual presence among many and is known by many other names. His mission as a Paradise Son is to represent the will of the Universal Father/Source to all and to communicate to us what is true. He will come with a philosophy that will guide us toward the rehabilitation of our planet in a way that promotes social equity, personal freedom to grow and a quality life for all. He will serve those with the intent to promote truth, beauty and goodness regardless of personal or religious affiliations. For many of us who struggle with the current affairs on our planet, Monjoronson's arrival could not be more timely.
Since the creation of the Magisterial Mission sites many changes have occured. We are in the process of updating our current software. At this time we are unable to offer individual email lessons. Instead I will continue to post these excerpts from Monjoronson's lessons and any other pubic messages I receive on Facebook for your perusal.
For more information regarding the Magisterial Mission, the Magisterial Son and other participants in this 'Correcting Time' please feel free to explore our internet site at www.magisterialmission.org There you will find many more resources to assist you.


The Perfect Storm

Received 11/11/2016

Messenger: Monjoronson

Transmitter: Vicki Vanderheyden

To the people of the World,

It is not time to build walls or shut doors. We are calling to you… We are telling you it is time to open your hearts and expand your minds to find mercy and forgiveness within you for the confused.

This is what we have prepared you for. Take your training and apply those principles and strategies that unify rather than divide. Look into the hearts of others and tap what is good.

IT IS a perfect storm that has gathered at the perfect time! So how will you respond?

This is your opportunity to act in ways that build connection, that minimize suffering, that help others maintain ‘peace of mind’ in a time that is fraught with confusion and strife. Lead them to the place where you have been led…the only place where the outcome is certain and where you will always be greeted with love, mercy, and forgiveness so much so that it becomes engrained in you to love, forgive and show mercy for others.

To the people of America,

These are your true testing grounds more so than ever before. So we say to you, do not look at this as if it is the end. It is the beginning of the fight to preserve a democracy that ensures equal opportunity

Move forward with those tools you’ve been given that will not only sustain your peace of mind but will assist others to break away from the shackles of apathy, inertia and self-interest.

You have truly been given the clearest picture of the confusion in the minds of your fellow citizens and you have observed the misdirection in their actions. It is time to prepare them for the challenges ahead that in essence they have created. It will feel as if you are Moses himself leading others away from the darkness soon to descend upon them. You may not be able to keep them from being scorched and burned, but you have been prepared to help them walk through this storm with less harm done and with prospects of rebuilding your democracy in sustainable ways.

To all people of the world,

Do not spend your time convincing those who cannot see. Gather your friends, those who are awake and aware and mobilize yourselves. Remember the lessons… Listen, speak and act with

your heart. And when you find yourself confused and unable to make sound decisions, give yourself time to clear your mind. Go to that inner sanctuary and there you will find us waiting to nurture you and to provide you with direction.

I speak not only as the one known as Monjoronson and who is known by many other names on Earth, but as a representative of all who are united and committed to the correction and advancement of your world.

MagisterialMission.org Official Launch

Dear Friends,

This is to announce the launching of our new website dedicated to Monjoronson, our Magisterial Son from Paradise who will soon be arriving in the flesh to assist us in the rehabilitation of our planet. On this site you will find a collection of communications and resources that seek to inform readers of who Monjoronson is and to further prepare us for his arrival. We hope you will find the format we've designed to be more user friendly.

The purpose of this website is to introduce Monjoronson to the world as one whose mission extends to all who reside on Earth. His message will include and at the same time transcend all religious and spiritual affiliations. He will represent the way of the Father, the First Source and Creator demonstrating for us the one family that we all belong to.

Please note, it is not our intention to document every communication received from Monjoronson but to provide a collection of communications that highlight what we consider to be a balanced and consistent picture of who Monjoronson is and the messages he conveys. However, this site is a work in progress and we hope to continually update it with additional communications and resources.

SIGN UP FOR BI-WEEKLY EMAIL LESSONS FROM MONJORONSON: https://www.magisterialmission.org/email-lessons

In an effort to facilitate an understanding of who Monjoronson is and the mission he leads, we are providing you with an opportunity to receive bi-weekly excerpts of his communications in a lesson format through your email. You can sign up for this service by accessing the lessons tab on the website and following the directions provided.

We hope that you make use of this new site by accessing its database, participating in the email program and contributing to future discussions on our blog.


The MagisterialMission.org Team

Vicki Vanderheyden, Program and Content Designer
Sangeet Kumar, Webmaster and Drupal Architect
Chris Maurus, Project Manager, Technical Design/Coordinator
Monjoronson & Staff, Contributors & Consultants