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You—and when I say “you,” I mean all humankind—have been fraught with challenges, which were never planned for you individually, or as a civilization, that you must now come together within yourself as a person, to draw your resources together to overcome these challenges, and you collectively, as a nation and as a civilization, must also come draw your resources together to overcome the immense challenges which face your people on this world. And, I am here to help you do that. --Monjoronson

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Monjoronson Teachings Introduction

As our Magisterial Son, the main Leader of the Magisterial Mission and the one who will be soon manifesting as an adult male on our world to assist us in the healing of our planet, Monjoronson’s communications are key to our understanding of the events now occurring on Earth and in the spiritual world that surrounds us.

For this reason we have devoted this section just to those communications we have received from him. This is a sampling of his public offerings through many human transmitter/receivers. We have carefully organized and reformatted these documents in ways that maintain their integrity yet enhance your ability to search among these transcripts for the informational pieces you need. This section is also a work in progress and so you may wish to check back for new additions.