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"By acknowledging your existence as a spiritual human being who seeks to know the Father, you can then feel comfortable to communicate not only with that divine piece of God that resides within you but with other spiritual beings as well. You can then access additional guidance and direction as you learn how to live in a way that supports your life and the life that surrounds you." --Monjoronson

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Q&A with Monjoronson

Monjoronson Q&A Session #85 - Economy - TAs - Mystic Circles - Will of Eternal Son

Monjoronson.com Q&A Session #85
Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Global Economy
  2. Thought Adjusters
  3. Mystic Circles
  4. Spiritual Prompts
  5. Crop Circles
  6. The Will of the Eternal Son
  7. The Urantia Sign
  1. Is there anything we can do now to affect the change from a profit-driven economy to a service-driven economy?
  2. Could you give us an idea of what a service-driven economy might look like as opposed to what we're used to now? That might help us begin to see how we could take steps personally or at least somehow envision that as a positive future reality
  3. How are Thought Adjusters assigned to their mortals?
  4. Preamble: Recently the term 'mystic circle' was used to describe a group assembled for deep meditation. Such a term as 'mystic' carries to some of us an unwanted 'new age' connection that many of us would like to put behind us. Are we now to be known as mystics?
  5. In all humility may I ask why the word "mystic" is being used?
  6. Preamble: I have been waiting to ask this question to someone who truly knows the answer and will not mislead me, I pray you can help. For the past year I have been seeing some unusual time patterns, 'double-digits'. Meaning when I look at a clock I see: 22:22, 15:51, 16:16,00:00 etc. What does it mean and does it have something to do with my life purpose?
  7. The prophets of long ago on Urantia told their listeners to watch for signs and symbols when a new age is to appear. Do we, as observers of life around us indeed see new symbols and signs before our eyes like crop circles to indicate the change of epochs on Urantia?
  8. We have learned the difference between a Creator Son and Avonal Son regarding God's will. Would you please tell us what are the differences between Universal Father's will and the Eternal Son's will for you and for us?
  9. Preamble: Me, my mom and my sister used to have the most weird experience, all as individuals but the same experience. When I would go in the shower it would be so steamed up that you could hardly see around, but always, standing in the shower when I looked in the mirror I could see bright lights coming from my eyes and as I got close, the brightness, the light, would still be there but then I would be able to see the Urantia sign, 3 concentric circles in my eyes and nothing else and it would look so amazing. Later it was revealed to me that my sister and my mom used to see the same thing! Please, can you help me with what the above experience was because we all feel that there is a meaning to these great things that we saw, and hopefully we can finally know what that meaning is.

Monjoronson, Machiventa - Q&A Session #86 - Reality - The Reserve Corp - Authentication

Monjoronson.com Q&A Session # 86
Wednesday, February 3, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Machiventa's statement support for Monjoronson and the Magisterial Mission
  2. Reality: How the Supreme and Absolute function in our reality
  3. Reserve Corp of Destiny
  4. Thought Adjusters/ Self Acting thought Adjusters
  5. Infrastructure
  6. Authentication
  7. Standing Tall
  1. Preamble: There are as many different realities as there are observers of these realities. That is, each observer makes real what was a potential reality and brings it to life by choosing it and acting in accordance with this choice. First an act takes potential and creates actuals. Therefore you observe from your perspective the vast different realities being so dissimilar. I remind you that in the greater picture has not the Father created all potentials which then may be chosen to be actual reality?
    Are there then many different potentials true which lead to one actual truth?
  2. Are there different potential truths that can lead to one actual truth? Maybe there are relative truths in the realm of Supremacy that might lead to truth on the Absolute level?
  3. If an individual becomes aware that their Father Fragment is a self-acting Adjuster, does that person also become aware that he or she is in the reserve corps of destiny?
  4. Does a person’s Thought Adjuster work with that individual to produce spiritual qualities that will be of use when this world faces its crises?
  5. Preamble: The development of man and the use of natural resources is often hampered by specialized interests who block development to maintain their own profitability.
    How does God work with a selfish mankind to the extent technology becomes stagnant?
  6. What is your view of an individual’s responsibility to call attention to selfish behavior that continues to harm the masses?
  7. The next question is about authentication. How can we know that the authentic Monjoronson speaks to any one individual and that the words communicated are reliable and true?
  8. What sign does the average man need from our spiritual superiors to boost a lagging spirit to meet the pressures of living life on Urantia?

Monjoronson - Q&A Session #87 Is Their Room for the Church & Revealed Religion

Monjoronson.com Q&A #87
Sunday, February 7, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. The Magisterial Mission
  2. Disciples & Apostles
  3. Self Preservation
  4. Co-existence of Two Camps of Christianity
  5. Constant War in Our History
  6. Another American Civil War?
  7. The Soulless & Adjusterless on Urantia
  8. Self-Defense Against Iniquity
  9. Expand The Q&A with Worldwide Input
  1. What do we need to be ready for the Magisterial Mission?
  2. Preamble: It is said that those in close association with descending sons take on the roles of being disciples and apostles. From lessons previously given, we understand that being an apostle is akin to providing ministry on behalf of Michael or perhaps for yourself. Does the Magisterial Mission have a similar distinction of using mortals for ministry and for discipleship?
  3. Would you mind elaborating on these concepts for us as it relates to the Magisterial Mission?
  4. Is this impulse towards self-preservation that which prevents really good teamwork from becoming a habit of civilization on Urantia?
  5. Preamble: There seems to be 2 camps of Christianity, those in the evolved religion group and those in the revealed religion group. Even though the revealed group is expanding and clarifying errors from the evolved group, isn't there room for both? How do we get each to open to the other, to respect the other and work for a common goal?
  6. Can you suggest a concrete deed that people of peace can do towards the goal of world peace?
  7. Preamble: Our government seems to be frighteningly polarized almost dramatically as in the civil war time, Republicans versus the Democrats, and there seems to be little bridge building between the two. Is civil war within the United States a probability or a possibility again? If so, what as Christians can we do?
  8. Do Thought Adjusters leave people or give up on them? Do we actually have soulless people?
  9. Regarding the topic of self defense, in the Urantia Book I seem to recall a [paraphrased] statement from Jesus where he said...if you determine that a human being is not a brother you may take any action for your own defense regardless of the consequences to the attacker. Was He referring to this type of an individual?


Monjoronson -Q&A Session #88 Power of Prayer - 5th Epochal Revelation - No Thought Adjusters

Monjoronson.com Q&A Session #88
Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Memory of Van
  2. The Power of Prayer
  3. Problems of the 5th Epochal Revelation Splintering into Group Divisions
  4. No Thought Adjusters
  1. Van and others were informed from a source on high that Caligastia was to be honored as Sovereign of Urantia long ago. Can you inform us any about how it is that Van determined that it was deception and that a rebellion was in progress?
  2. Do each one of us transition to the mansion worlds upon death?
  3. The power of prayer is meaningless if it does not produce the desired effect. Even though I am a human mortal, if my desire matches the will of the Father, will my prayer be answered on behalf of the one I pray for?
  4. What is your view about all the work done to bring us the Urantia Book, having study groups, just to leave most of them unconnected to the progress of the 5th epochal revelation?
  5. Most in Urantia group study groups are not on board with the Teaching Mission nor are many in the Teaching Mission supportive of the Magisterial Mission. How has this been allowed to happen?
  6. Would the return of Michael before the Magisterial Mission took place on Urantia somehow alter and unify the present disarray of mortal efforts on behalf of the 5th epochal revelation?
    7 When the Magisterial Son personalizes in our presence, are those of us who may be fairly slow in spiritual development but are indwelt, will we still be able to perceive your divinity? Or are we only able to perceive you as within the degrees of our current status of development?
  7. Could you please give an example of a human on Urantia within whom the Spirit of Truth is functioning as a spiritual co-coordinator of the different spirit ministries, and the spirit of the Bestowal Son is present in humans who have no Thought Adjuster and no soul?

Monjoronson - Q&A Session # 89 Transmitting - Education for Spiritual Motivation

Monjoronson.com Q&A Session #89
Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. The Process of Transmitting and Receiving
  2. The Mind at Mischief
  3. Irrevocable Thought Adjuster Decisions
  4. Education for Spiritual Motivation
  5. Preparing the Mortal Audience for a Spiritual Event
  1. Judging by some transcripts, at some point the receiver starts to interject their own thinking process into the communicated messages. We aren't sure at what point contact stops and human involvement begins. Can you tell us something about what is happening here?
  2. Dr. Sadler wrote a book titled "The Mind at Mischief". This questioner believes that even T/R minds can get into mischief and they ask if you would speak to the kind of mischief that minds the teachers work with get into?
  3. Could you discuss and give us an idea of the accuracy of transmissions when the mind is not at mischief?
  4. Does the Thought Adjuster decide to abandon the mortal of His indwelling because the Thought Adjuster is fully aware of the consequences of choice and that the mortal will not change his choices and therefore the Thought Adjuster decides to abandon them?
  5. Are Thought Adjuster decisions about abandonment of a certainty and without doubt? Are Adjuster decisions coordinated with Trinity justice or is this an example of the Father's hand alone?
  6. Should the possibility of translation be taught as an alternative to death as a release from the body? Will this teaching somehow better motivate mortals to learn as much as they can in order to bypass the normal death process through translation?
  7. Your advice is sought about whether or not it should be taught that the Father alone is worshiped or may we include God the Supreme either as worship or adoration?
  8. What comments can you make on the following suggestion: Perhaps a "visual" celestial visitation or even/and some form of verifiable extra-terrestrial contact maybe would shake up the status quo and still would not qualify as "interference" on our world. Perhaps there could be some helpful political and religious convulsions that would precipitate change for the better.

Monjoronson -Q&A Session #91 Guardians of Destiny - Stillness - Healing - Abortion

Monjoronson.com Q&A Session #91
Thursday, March 11, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Guardians of Destiny
  2. Being Able to Receive a Teacher
  3. Rebellion
  4. Seeking Answers in Stillness
  5. Healing & The Magisterial Mission
  6. Bestowal of Personality
  7. Affirmation of When Personality Is Bestowed
  8. Consequence of Miscarriages
  9. Entering The Journey of Consciousness
  1. In many transcripts, I read that the guardian angels primary duties are to safeguard and protect their human subjects. Since they cannot interfere with the accidents of time or natural course of human evolution, what is it that they are protecting or safeguarding us from?
  2. Would you please speak to this issue of requirements needed to receive a teacher?
  3. I am still confused about role in the rebellion. According to the Urantia Book, Urantia was placed in isolation because former prince Caligastia joined the rebellion. I keep wondering, what does his defection have to do with us evolving humans on the planet?
  4. Since the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth, man is subject to the teaching and guidance of a threefold spirit [the Father, Son and Spirit] endowment. Do we contact these teachers in stillness in some particular order to receive our answers?
  5. With the presence of a Paradise Son on earth in this mission, are mortals able to access the direct spiritual person of the Magisterial Son for healing?
  6. Would you, if you wish, please give us some idea if there is greater access to healing in general because of the spiritual power brought to Urantia in this era?
  7. I have a question in regards mental healing. There is a rash of mental aberrations that seems to be gripping our society. How is a person with mental powers that are compromised able to heal themselves?
  8. Could you help us navigate the dangerous moral shoals that abortion may represent in light of your disclosure?
  9. My mother had a miscarriage so that means somewhere on the morontia worlds I have a brother. I'm curious, will we follow the same course or is the fact that he was denied an earth life, a physical form, means he takes a different path to Paradise?

Monjoronson - Q&A Session #92 - Stillness - Decimation - Urantia-s History

Monjoronson.com Q&A Session #92
Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Stillness
  2. Decimation
  3. Wheat Rust
  4. Urantia’s History
  5. Past Abuse of The Planet Requires Correction
  1. Is the ultimate consequence of stillness and of these processes intended to create a continuous and permanent link to this greater source of awareness?
  2. Does this greater source of awareness in addition to the Divine Monitor, also include the mind of the Supreme?
  3. Does going into stillness reinforce the phrase: Whatsoever the son wills and the Father wants, is?
  4. Does the increasing urgency and frequency of these messages concerning decimation mean that the decimation is very close at hand?
  5. A magnetic pole reversal seems to be waiting to happen and we're wondering whether population decimation happens because the effects are so severe on terrestrial life, or perhaps there is a reason to believe we may notice little difference if it should happen. Could you provide us your thoughts in this area of concern.
  6. Wheat rust is a fungus that saps the plant of nutrients and reduces grain yields. Is it the changing weather on Urantia that will open the door to the spread of this pathogen?
  7. The recommended treatment to eradicate it is a chemical control using triazole fungicides. Is the triazole family of chemicals in particular a problem or does the use of any chemical make things worse in the long run?
  8. It is probably too late to produce wheat hybrids for world growing to prevent the famine we may experience. Is there another solution such as attacking the fungus through the plant? Do we somehow invent agents to spray a crop which can then absorb them to cause a genetic mutation in the fungus? Do you have any suggestions?
  9. Is there a plan with your coming to Urantia for humanity to regain more knowledge about its past? Will the midwayers be allowed to share their knowledge with us about this planet during the Magisterial Mission?

Monjoronson Q&A Session #93 - Meditation - Hearing Inner Voicing - Evaluating How We Prepare

Monjoronson.com Q&A Session #93
Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Generational Sins
  2. Eternity
  3. Hearing Inner Voicing
  4. The Nature of Portals
  5. Evaluating How Well We Prepare
  1. Preamble: This questioner states that they recently came across a book relating to people in hospices awaiting their final transition to the morontia life. The subject of generational sin came up, where the idea of which concerned the possibility of a parent to genetically pass on his sins to his progeny or for a son or daughter to carry the same dark energy that one of their parents nurtured during his or her life span.
    If this is true, could this explain why children sometimes carry the same vices as their parents and grandparents?
  2. Is there any approach you might recommend in particular to break a cycle of negative patterns or traits being passed on so that future generations of the same family tree don't inherit the dark energy that one of the progenitors of this family might have had?
  3. I really want to be able to focus and try and meet my higher guide in meditation without feeling scared of what I might see or feel. Please, can you help or tell me what it is I am doing wrong?
  4. This questioner has read in the Urantia Book about Havona natives being eternally existent. How can that Be?
  5. They also grasp that the trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Infinite Spirit has existed eternally but how can their children also be eternally existent?
  6. The UB states that these beings were not created. How can that be so? If these Havona natives have lived eternally are they not equal to the trinity also in that they have lived eternally also?
  7. Just to be sure, that I do not get completely caught up in "theater", I would like to know if I can trust this voice and who it is and if it is possible to get to know the name of this personality whose voice I hear? Thank you.
  8. Do these types of portals exist at all, and if they do, are they opened when significant astronomical events occur on our planet?
  9. If there are no portals in the sense we have asked about, how can we anticipate the timing of when some spiritual opportunity may come our way for which we would like to greet them and prepare to cooperate with them, perhaps in a co-creative way?
  10. There are undoubtedly many causes that would keep an individual from using all the materials available at their disposal. Could you address some of the causes and how we might prevent ourselves from falling into the trap of failing in the midst of plenty?
  11. They also have another question that is somewhat of an opposite problem to the one just expressed. Is it possible to exhaust resources about how to find spiritual insight, even about commonplace material experiences. How do we reach in further when revelation is exhausted?

Monjoronson Q&A Session #95- Apostolic Commission - Unselfish Prayer - Meanings Values

Monjoronson.com Q&A Session #95
Sunday, April 4, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Apostolic Commission to Future Generations
  2. Unselfish Prayer:
  3. Meanings and Values:
  4. Discernment:
  5. Your Morontia Career Has Already Begun
  1. Reading from the words of the Apostles in the New Testament, they commission us to declare the good news of the kingdom. In light of the coming Magisterial Mission, should we stand down and await your correctional leading before proclaiming the good news of the kingdom.
  2. However, when I pray for knowledge of the Father's will or spiritual strength to help me resolve some difficulty, isn't that selfish, but also good?
  3. I do not fully understand how my spirituality enhances my discernment of meanings and values. Can you please expound on the significance of meanings and values? Will you tell us in more detail how the grasp of true meanings and values contributes to our spiritual growth and progression?
  4. Even more than the Melchizedeks, we humans are sometimes left standing in the dust of our failure about what should have been spiritual understanding of our problems living life. First, would you mind providing us a discussion about what discernment is?
  5. And second, do you foresee the need to test we humans by setting up exercises to force us to at least engage the process of discernment? Do we gain anything by engaging the process in spite of the failure to discern?
  6. Discussions with you Monjoronson, sometimes lead us into "uncertainties" because most of us accept the statements found in the Urantia text to which we compare your responses. Is it fair to say that what you have to say to us will sometimes tend to undermine our self-satisfaction with the book's answers? Does this confusion in us actually do more good than harm?

Monjoronson Q&A Session # 94- Perception & Reality - Talking in Sleep

Monjoronson.com Q&A Session #94
Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Perception & Reality
  2. Soul Heritage
  3. Direct Path to Truth
  4. Missions Outside of The Teaching Mission
  5. Talking in Sleep
  6. Breakdown of Our Educational System
  7. Seek Discernment As A Power Within You To Achieve
  1. First, in the category of perception and reality: in studies of people who are close to death, there have been many reported visions of angels with feathered wings; in some instances feathers have materialized in the hands of some people in their rooms. Although this is in contradiction to the information contained in The Urantia Book about angels, I wonder if these feather materializations are the direct result of those individuals’ mental creations coupled with their perceptions of reality. Could you speak to this?
  2. You are saying we perceive things according to our own inclination or the things we tend to believe in. Does human perception dictate what spiritual reality we will experience? I don ‘t know if the trappings of spiritual reality, the language of it, may vary according to one ‘s traditions. But the underlying spiritual reality would be consistent? Could you speak to that a little bit further?
  3. Lately there have been many books written on the process of dying as it is experienced by people on that threshold. Their testimony has provided a version of this process that is different from The Urantia Book ‘s version. They have described seeing departed loved ones coming to get them. Some have seen Jesus at the foot of their beds coming to escort them to heaven. Some have seen a bright tunnel of light. Since the reconnection of the spiritual circuit on Urantia, has the process of translation been modified or changed?
  4. I know there are many paths to the top of the mountain. I have been on a lot of them, some with dead ends and sharp rocks, potholes and brush, and some impassable. There are gurus galore, a plethora of preachers, massive amounts of ministers, tons of teachers. Some call themselves Melchizedeks channeling different teachers with all kinds of conflicting and confusing teachings. Is there any way to avoid so much exercise to provide ourselves the pearl of truth without so much debris around it?
  5. What other efforts aside from the Teaching Mission and the Magisterial Mission are being taken by non-human personalities present on Urantia to bring awakening to large numbers of people? Is Abraham just teaching in the Teaching Mission or is he assisting elsewhere?
  6. How do we avoid making the worst choices when putting a public education system back together again? Any hope that we won ‘t put back the same thing that failed to begin with because that is the only model we have recent experience with? How do we make the best choices?
  7. One person cannot do all that needs to be done when starting over again to educate for a sustainable society. Who or what can we put into place to help direct rebuilding public education which may prevent those interests that will stubbornly attempt to use the old ways that brought failure before?
  8. Our educational system will continue evolving through the stages it has made and building on its successes and hopefully becoming renewed rather than a complete failure and a rebuilding?
  9. Is it not of great importance to educate individuals about how to be good citizens? Would it be a good idea for all citizens regardless of age or other education to be required to undergo such instruction before they are granted citizenship privileges? Should the day be over when being born in a country automatically grants citizenship privileges such as voting?
  10. Should a spiritual education precede a public and secular education? In the turmoil of the present society there ‘s no general agreement to do any such thing. Is this turmoil not created by sectarian religion? Is the only solution to a really good education based on waiting for the appearance of Light and Life on this planet?
  11. Please say more about the soul heritage you alluded to. How does it affect our souls? Is the heritage composed of ancestors ‘ souls all the way back to the Andonites? Please clarify the term “heritage”.
  12. What is the brain doing when people talk in their sleep? Is it discharging and clearing itself for its own health?