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...Living in a morontial existence in this lifetime begins with declaring an intention for your life, one that is in agreement with your universe career of ascension. Yes, it could mean that you are materially well endowed, that you have material capacity, but this is a very superficial aspect of using and manipulating universe energy. The more important aspect is to be in alignment with the universe and the harmony that is inherent in it, to be able to use the energy of the universe in this lifetime, for your great good. Declaring an intention sets your orientation for your life, for your existence, for your living, and that by being aware of this once or twice, or several times a day, assists your mind to support the fulfillment of that intention. --Monjoronson

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Q&A with Monjoronson

Monjoronson - Q&A Session #96 - Soul Evolution - Testing - Material Sons and Daughters

Monjoronson.com Q&A Session #96
Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Mind Duplication & Soul Evolution
  2. Our Sun
  3. New Expression of the Trinity
  4. Severe Testing
  5. The Material Sons and Daughters
  6. Mature Democracies
  1. Can you explain what the three stages of Adjuster progress in mind duplication and soul evolution are?
  2. It is said in the Urantia Book that on the secret worlds of the Father there are unique representations of the Trinity to be found there. Could it be that when God the Supreme actualizes that there may also be a unique representation of the Supreme to then be found on Ascendington?
  3. Monjoronson, as we undergo "severe testing," how do you plan to reach people with God's reassurance in the midst of dark times?
  4. Zarath speaks of your "mighty efforts," may we assume these efforts include the means to provide timely instructions for survival and the preservation of resources we have not lost?
  5. We know Michael is very interested in helping the planet through its testing. Knowing our own world and its very slow government processes, is one of Michael's contributions to the mission to be the one who will cut through the red tape?
  6. With regard to the Material Sons and Daughters, what role has Michael determined that they will play in the coming revision of Urantia's culture? Will they be within the Magisterial Mission or will they be given a mission to Urantia under their own direction?
  7. Will you be instrumental in re-establishing another garden, as in the Garden of Eden on Urantia?
  8. Does a democracy that reaches this age, have any choice to change itself peacefully and with a majority agreement that it needs to be done? We would appreciate hearing any comments you may have about these democratic difficulties in America or the rest of the world which cry for solution.
  9. Does our sun possess a twin star or perhaps a dwarf companion orbiting it?

Monjoronson -Q&A Session #97 Spiritual Death - Personality - Anthropomorphism

Monjoronson.com Q&A Session #97
Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Spiritual Death
  2. Path to Truth
  3. Personality
  4. Corporate Guests
  5. Anthropomorphism
  1. I always wonder if a person that would die a spiritual death would have survived if they had lived on a normal evolutionary planet not stained by rebellion?
  2. Can you explain what the mortal would have to embrace to be deemed worthy of eternal death?
  3. If a mortal embraces iniquity does that mean that this mortal has full knowledge of his/her actions and yet still pursues a course of cosmic insanity?
  4. There are those who, if I may use your expressions, "hang their shingle" and teach a way to truth and we accept these personalities so inspired to do so. However, I'm still confused. Is there absolute reality truth? Can error in my own thought prevent me accessing the truth I seek?
  5. How much of our personality is actually gifted from First Father pre-birth and how much could be described as acquired during our experiential journey here and do personality trait types survive such as introvert/extrovert etc?
  6. Do experienced Adjusters acquire personality traits from the beings they indwell that carry over to the next mortal to contribute to that partnership?
  7. Should we just be ourselves when it comes to the universe designers and group observers who may seek to influence us?
  8. To what extent is it to our benefit to accept such influences?
  9. I would like to invite you to discuss the dangers of the anthropomorphization of spiritual concepts. Is there a certain benefit to "humanizing" spiritual concepts to be able to grasp their import to us?

Monjoronson - Q&A Session #98 Providence - Reserve Corp - Between Moments of Time

Monjoronson.com Q&A Session #98
Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Truth and Error
  2. Providence
  3. Right-Mindedness
  4. Reserve Corp of Destiny
  5. Between Moments of Time
  1. Could you help me understand why we should now try to integrate the mission’s revealed truth together with what we once perceived as error? As Jesus once said, “And I forgive them as well.” But should we join up with them, those who repeat error, or should we all grow up in the truth as we find it?
  2. Preamble: You said in special session #10 “As your world changes more rapidly, as you see more disruptions, we have a greater potential and greater activation to be involved in your human activities. You will know that it is we who are present and bringing these developments into occasion”.
    Are these interventions you speak of truly classified as the providence of God? Please explain the presence of providence in the work of Urantia’s Correcting Time, especially as you may see the work of the Supreme here.
  3. How does God lead the way to change minds to adopt right-mindedness? Is the word “adopt” the right word when the change to right-mindedness is achieved? Or is right-mindedness the result of an act of will that is irreversible?
  4. Becoming right-minded takes a lot of work on the human part since we believe that to change the mind we have to have a reason to make the change. What does spirit do which acts to help move minds toward the light, especially right-mindedness?
  5. In the same session you reminded the audience that: “Each and every one of you who sojourns with this divine component of the self, the Adjuster, makes one an island of stability when all things seem to shift, and as such an island of stability you become positioned to have a great impact and effect on the pattern of shift that occurs around you.” We ask: Is it the Adjuster alone who takes responsibility for the shift to rightmindedness? Or may we say that the presence of a Paradise Son also contributes in great ways to help us shift to this type of thinking?
  6. What is the most basic, foundational change to life on Urantia that must be put into place for the Correcting Time to be successful? Is achieving right-mindedness where it should start? Or is it something even more basic than that?
  7. Could one make the generalized statement that those who are members of the reserve corps are also aligned with the Supreme in some manner as well as with the Father’s will?
  8. Whose concern is it, the reserve corps?, that something like the Fifth Epochal Revelation’s presence on Urantia is not destroyed much like the library at Alexandria was destroyed containing priceless manuscripts? We are told that the text is widely enough dispersed on Urantia that it is unlikely to be lost. However it is not something like the Reserve Corps which may be asked to provide insurance that such a removal is even more likely to happen.
  9. I really enjoy the poetic statement you provide us about where spirit exists in time, but I do not comprehend how spirit finds space between moments when time to us flows in one continuum. Is it the case of the eternal now being present in the flow of time?
  10. I’ve always questioned what was meant by “spiritual pressure”. If I take your statement about spirit existing between the moments of time, how right is it to say that if spirit applies pressure it exerts an influence on time? In what way is that influence felt? What does it do to our perception of time?

Monjoronson -Q&A Session #99 History of 5th Revelation - Early TM History

Monjoronson.com Q&A Session #99
Tuesday, May 4, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. When Michael fully regained His memories and inherent powers, at that point, did Jesus the man cease to function?
  2. Now that you have arrived and another age is at hand, is there to be another dispensational resurrection? In other words, does your visit here to Urantia presage a new round of resurrections for all the sleeping survivors?
  3. Preamble: Monjoronson, in the past year of so I have written a history which attempted to connect the various channeling episodes from the 19th century to the 20th century appearance of the Fifth Epochal Revelation at Chicago. One who contributed to that writing received, from Christ Michael, the year the First Revelatory Commission came into existence as 1898. The date by itself is not so important, but for a history, knowing a starting point is a very useful thing.
    Would you be so kind as to confirm this date or its correct date for us, and anything else concerning this starting point you would like to tell us?
  4. Can you help shed any light on what appears to be the preparation of a limited-scope revelation in the '1870s' to an epochal scope revelation prepared for around 1906?
  5. Can you point to any particular universe event in the executive branch or administrative branch, or even on Urantia itself, that led to changing to a whole different way of staging an epochal revelation? It almost appears the whole universe got involved to start it up in the Chicago area.
  6. You yourself Monjoronson, were somehow present in the background of these early years of preparing the Fifth Epochal Revelation. While the need for revelation was understood for Urantia to receive for centuries, was it always an epochal revelation that was going to be considered? Did the inspection by Tabamantia and whatever he reported concerning Urantia play a large part to change what should be done for Urantia?
  7. Without prejudicing your answer by stating my interpretations of that transition, can you comment on what appears to be a case of the wonderful coincidence of a virgin group of truth seekers finding Abraham and then the awful warfare their efforts walked into between rival Urantia Book institutions in America just as New Zealand was helping transition their group experience to America?
  8. Did this Urantia institutional warfare cause a door to close and shut out a large number of book readers who would have embraced the Teaching Mission in this period?
  9. Is any of this turmoil in the period being referred to here [late '1980s'] in any way associated with releasing tensions brought on by the very recent adjudication of the rebellion experienced on Urantia? Does the physical world react strongly to major spiritual adjudications or maybe this was an exceptional event with obvious reactions?

Monjoronson -Q&A Session #100 - New Spiritual circuitry - Teaching Stillness - TM & MM Organization

Monjoronson.com Q&A Session #100
Tuesday, May 11, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. New Spiritual Circuitry
  2. Experiencing Big Spiritual Changes
  3. Teaching Stillness
  4. Developing Organizations for the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission
  5. Recognizing the Achievement of the 100th Q&A Session with Monjoronson
  1. Preamble: Machiventa Melchizedek said in 2008 that the Melchizedek Order would be making available a new dimension to the spiritual circuitry on Urantia which would allow a more direct process of engagement between Melchizedeks and man.
    Can you discuss in more detail what Machiventa's offer will entail?
  2. Is there any significance to his merkaba being a place/location of increased power/ability to send energy or receive energy or is this just his human mind limitations that he puts on himself?
  3. He wanted to know whether using a quartz crystal could assist in focusing the energy or increasing the overall intended effort. If so, how could this crystal be put to best use as far as like where to position it such as touching it to his chest, visualizing the energy permeating the crystal and so forth.
  4. I have discerned from recent sessions that stillness leading to T/Ring is of paramount importance. Are there personal T/R teachers that can evaluate and lead us to our celestial teachers and thus to T/Ring?
  5. Is there a future pioneer traveling group in mind that can help us with this to expand the T/Ring of servants?
  6. One of the reasons the Teaching Mission does not have a general organization dedicated to the mission [they do for social purposes] is that most resist the idea of anyone exercising leadership or providing organizational skills that would lead to a national or international organization on behalf of the interests for the Teaching Mission. Would you say that bringing forth such an organization has many positive results that would outweigh the suspicion most members feel toward organization? Must we wait for such an organization after this initial group of Teaching Mission adherents have left the scene?

Monjoronson -Q&A Session 101 FINAL Thought Adjusters - Murder - A New Church or Temple - May 18, 2010

Monjoronson.com Q&A Session #101 Final session of the Q&A Series
Tuesday, May 18, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Thought Adjusters
  2. Murder
  3. Technological Impact on Health
  4. How Does One Spirit Person “Enshroud” Another?
  5. A New Church or a New Way of Life?
  1. Does each Thought Adjuster have a given name or number that indwells the humans of Urantia? If so, does this change upon fusion?
  2. This person has connected with one that feels like a cold black void. They did nothing offensive and seem completely normal but he sensed there was something not right, so much so that they were near hysterics. They wonder whether this is a personal trait of theirs or could this be their Thought Adjusters recognition of a barren person or a person that no longer has a Thought Adjuster?
  3. This individual has pre-birth memories that are not theirs but are perhaps of his Thought Adjuster. Does he have these memories because his Thought Adjuster chose to show him or are these arbitrary 'spill-overs' because they are consciously working together?
  4. Is there a way to tap into the Thought Adjuster recording of our life events so that we can see these events from the Thought Adjuster's point of view like a coach reviews game footage with his team?
  5. Aside from our laws which define murder, does the universe differentiate what constitutes murder and degrees of murder also?
  6. How is one who has murdered on Urantia, adjusted or corrected on the mansion worlds to be able to ascend?
  7. On more advanced worlds, is it possible to determine who has lost a Thought Adjuster and would there be any repercussions because they had come to know this?
  8. The new Hadron Collider near Geneva, where it spans the border between Switzerland and France, does this experiment have the potential to make energy discoveries which could be [as] devastating as finding how to split the atom and the resulting nuclear bombs we have now?
  9. The emission of energy from our many communication devices seem to be multiplying to the extent that a lot of their radiation could cause serious energy to the human body. Have you any comments on their danger and maybe how to reduce the threat and still use them?
  10. The Urantia Book speaks of the existential Deities and how one person of Deity enshrouds the other. What does it mean to be enshrouded? It put a picture in my mind of something or someone being veiled. They are veiled from our senses or our perspectives. Why wouldn't our Infinite Father be the One that is enshrouding the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit?
  11. Many wish to establish a new church based on the Urantia Book. Many of us feel there is a danger to make the same mistake of establishing a church again and do not want to see a church come into being. Are there any rights or wrongs here? Do churches evolve into something else such as the Father's Temple as described in the Garden of Adam and Eve?