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One of the most important things to do in devising a new educational format is to appreciate the capacity of individuals to be responsible for themselves, and to teach individuals how to do this. Your educational system can be perfectly designed to give individuals responsibility to meet their needs, as well as to use the capability of teachers and instructors to the best of their capability. It is important that responsibility be shared at the lowest levels of those who teach, and of those individuals who are students. --Monjoronson

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The Special Sessions with Monjoronson

Special Session 1 Forgiveness

Friday, January 29, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Forgiveness

Special Session 2

Friday, February 5, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Justice and Vindication
  2. Forgiving Energetically
  3. Practicing the Presence
  4. Directing Energy with Intention
  5. Energy Centers and Chakras
  6. The Complexities of our Bodies
  7. How will Monjoronson’s Presence Benefit Urantia?
  8. How Does a Divine Son “Grow?”
  9. Perceiving and Appreciating Monjoronson
  10. Monjoronson’s Safety on Urantia

Special Session 3

Monday, February 15, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Mercy
  2. Definition of the Word “Magisterial”
  3. Doubt and Uncertainty
  4. Hope, Faith, Belief, Trust and Knowing
  5. Doubt is a Judgment
  6. Cooperation
  7. Impact of Monjoronson When Materialized
  8. Preparations for Materialization
  9. Techniques for Interfaith Study Group

Special Session 4

Friday, February 26, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Physical Manifestations of Meditation
  2. Seeing Spiritual Colors
  3. Spiritual Growth and Raising Children
  4. Parenting and Family Relationships
  5. Education
  6. Equality at Home and in Society
  7. Preparation for Parenthood
  8. Prenatal Influences
  9. Ease and Grace of Birth
  10. Resiliency of Youth
  11. Mentoring
  12. Religious Education
  13. Fostering Curiosity
  14. Baptism
  15. Indigo and Crystal Children
  16. Genetic Variations and Expressions
  17. Dealing with Handicaps

Special Session 5

Friday, March 5, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Guiding the Spiritual Growth of Children
  2. Raising Children with Intention
  3. Peaks in Childbearing and Delay in Child-rearing
  4. The Challenging Adolescent Years
  5. Parental Commitment and Conscious Intention in Child-rearing
  6. The Important Roles of Ritual and Celebration in a Child’s Life
  7. Celebrating the Child’s First Moral Choice
  8. Effective and Ineffective Discipline Practices
  9. Blended Families
  10. Culture, Thinking and Behavior Imprinted on Genes
  11. Practical Spirituality 101

Special Session 6

Friday, March 12, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Celestial Perceptions of Mortals
  2. The Topic of Gender
  3. Gender as a Predisposition or Temperament
  4. Male Orientation of Descending Sons of God
  5. Does Gender Orientation Continue During Ascendant Career?
  6. Mortal Gender Handicaps
  7. The Myths of Gender Influence
  8. Raising Children to be Equal, to be Whole
  9. Gender Stereotyping Causes Separation
  10. Sexual Inequality in Nature
  11. Understanding the Roles of Environment and Hormones on Behavior
  12. Words of Comfort for Those in Chile

Special Session 7

Friday, March 19, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. A General Assessment of our Current Approach to Education
  2. Keeping the Spark of Curiosity and Excitement of Learning
  3. Assessment by Qualification, Rather Than Quantification
  4. Assigning Teachers to the Areas of Their Expertise
  5. Incorporating Other Resources To Meet the Needs of Students and Society
  6. The Disparity of Quality Education Between Classes of Society
  7. The Breakdown of Education Will Accompany the Breakdown of Society
  8. Relationship Between Collapse of Education, Societies and Cataclysms
  9. Awakening of Consciousness To the Need for Revision
  10. What Can We Do?
  11. Utilizing the Co-creative Design Team Method to Envision a Sustainable Future
  12. Promote From Local Groups to National and International Groups
  13. Are We Prepared for Crisis Intervention?
  14. Preparation for the Children in the Coming Crisis
  15. Hope is Essential to Give to Children
  16. The Value and Positive Use of Competition
  17. Teaching and Sharing Responsibility

Special Session 8

Friday, March 26, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 


  1. Emotional Intelligence
  2. Enculturation of Children
  3. Teaching History Meaningfully
  4. Complacency and Lack of Backbone
  5. The Study of Philosophy
  6. The Inefficiency of Our Educational Systems
  7. Preparation of Children for the Workforce
  8. Temperament, Predisposition and Proclivities
  9. Temperament and Learning Capabilities
  10. Brain Function and Learning
  11. Mental Stimulation, Activity, Naps, Cookies and Milk
  12. Mapping, Temperaments, Abilities & Disabilities for each Individual
  13. Learning Environments for Handicapped Individuals
  14. The Busyness of Children
  15. Providing a Sustainable Educational Environment
  16. Connections with Nature
  17. The Necessity of Direct Experience
  18. Children and Their Electronic Devices
  19. How Will Computers Fit Into the Future of Education?
  20. Reality and Social Ethics of Using Computers
  21. Religious Freedom vs. Spiritual Expression in Schools
  22. Segregation and Compartmentalization in Education
  23. Bringing Back the One-room Schoolhouse?
  24. Monjoronson’s Mission
  25. Future Updates on Urantia’s Progress
  26. Becoming Involved in the Mission

Special Session 9

Monday, March 29, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 

Death and Dying

  1. The Strategic, Militaristic Mind
  2. The Characteristics of the Strategic Mind
  3. The Strategy of Mapping a Sustainable Future
  4. Right-mindedness
  5. “Don’t Believe Everything You Think.”
  6. Emotional Intelligence vs. Emotionally Reacting
  7. The Dying Process
  8. The Saddest Deaths of All
  9. Preparation for the Approach of Death
  10. Assisting in the Death Process of Another
  11. The Peaceful Death
  12. Giving Permission to Die
  13. Managing the Physical Pain of Dying
  14. Eastern Practices of the Death Process
  15. The Reconciliation of Death and Dying
  16. Disembodied Spirits
  17. Speaking to the Spirit
  18. Touch During the Dying Process
  19. Spiritual Chemistry
  20. “Young and Old Souls” Defined
  21. Infants and the Thought Adjuster
  22. Infants and the Soul

Special Session 10

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 

Death & The Elderly

  1. Urantia Receiving Greater Intervention
  2. The History Behind the Concept of Hell
  3. Can the Mind of Man Manifest Hell?
  4. After Death, Can We Go Sightseeing on our World?
  5. The Reasons Pain and Suffering are Allowed
  6. Can There Be Communications Between the Dead and Dying?
  7. Is It Appropriate to Pray for the Dead?
  8. Meditation as a Tool for the Dying
  9. Are Visualizations Common as a Death Experience?
  10. Do Pets Survive the Death Experience?
  11. The Three Primary Values of Sustainability
  12. The Care and Handling of the Elderly
  13. Your Society Does not Feed the Curious
  14. Avoiding Dementia Begins in the Family
  15. Death, Meditation and Mystical Experiences