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You might also consider that the thoughtful curriculum or day-planning for young children below public school age has a wonderful regimen of mental stimulation, physical activity, naps, cookies and milk. It is recommended for adults as well. --Monjoronson

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The Special Sessions with Monjoronson

Special Session 11

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 

Morontial Mind Training
(Revisiting past sessions.)

  1. Training caregivers for the Spiritual Needs of the Dying Patient
  2. Increasing Numbers of the Elderly and Increased Costs of their Care
  3. Maintain Care as Long as the Thought Adjuster Remains Within
  4. Euthanasia Practiced on Advanced Worlds
  5. Treatment of Deeply Criminal Individuals on Advanced Worlds
  6. Differences Between Mortal and Morontial Thought
  7. Those of Jeopardized Life During Transition Era
  8. Population Stabilization
  9. Depression Throughout Our Society
  10. The History of our Medical Community is Still Very Young
  11. Developing the Morontial Mind While in a Mortal Body
  12. Begin the Process of Evolving the Mind with Intention
  13. ‘Will’ is the Key to Morontial Growth; Intention is its Plan
  14. The ‘Warp and Woof’ of Morontial Growth
  15. Morontial Senses, Psychic Ability and Manipulating Energy
  16. Morontial Mind will be Free of Disabilities
  17. Morontial Mind will be Based on Spiritual Maturity, Character and Personality
  18. Our Limited View of Science and How it Distorts our Perceptions
  19. Crossing the Boundaries Between Science and Spirituality
  20. Shaman’s Ancient Knowledge vs. Modern Science’s Views
  21. Mind Manipulation of Universe Energy
  22. Responsibilities for Manipulating Energy
  23. The Miracle of Providence
  24. Mind is the Mechanism Through Which Will and Consciousness Work
  25. Training of the Mind Mechanism is Paramount

Special Session 12

Friday, May 7, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 

Transcending Death and Grief

  1. Transcending Loss Due to Death
  2. Message from Beyond the Veil
  3. Grasping the Reality of Death
  4. An Opportunity for Monjoronson to Understand Human Emotions
  5. “What’s Next” After a Profound Loss?
  6. Preparation for the Death of Many
  7. Special Relationship Bonds in the Afterlife
  8. Does God only Give us as Much as We Can Handle?
  9. Are We Given Protection During These Difficulties?
  10. Gaining Insight About the Complexity and Simplicity of Living
  11. Assisting Others to Face Their Challenges
  12. Do the Deceased Experience Sorrow?
  13. The Passage From Mortal Consciousness to Morontial Consciousness
  14. Does One Choose the Time of Death?
  15. Energetic Bonds of Shared Consciousness Between Loved Ones
  16. Harmful Beliefs of Spiritism are Detrimental to Spiritual Growth
  17. Social Grieving is Necessary, but Should not be Taken to Extremes
  18. Turning Sorrows to Remembrances of Joy
  19. Giving and Receiving with Grace
  20. Stress is Caused by Living in the Past or the Future, Rather than in the ‘Now’
  21. Dealing with Negative Emotions
  22. Plans to Aid Humans During Cataclysms and Deaths
  23. Need for Humor at Tragic Times
  24. “Let There be Spaces in your Togetherness.” (Khalil Gibran)

Special Session 14 Introduction to Charles, Mighty Messenger

Friday, June 18, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 

Introduction of Charles as Part of Our Co-creative Team

  1. Our First Team Meeting with Charles
  2. Movement in the Global Arena, Amalgamating with Other Groups
  3. Monjoronson is in Council with Eternal Son on Paradise
  4. Reason Charles has Been Sent to Work with Us
  5. Assignments

Special Session 13 Reply to Questions Outside of The Teaching Mission

Friday, June 11, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 

Reply to Questions Outside of The Teaching Mission

  1. Unification of Diverse Global Groups
  2. Emotional Reactions to Noco #117
  3. Stasis
  4. The “Old Matrix Infrastructure” or Race Consciousness
  5. Identifying Values, Beliefs and Expectations
  6. The Irony of Stasis Vs. Evolutionary Approach
  7. The Attrition of Natural Resources
  8. Adaptation to Change
  9. The Way of God
  10. Wisdom Is Gained Through the Experience of Making Choices
  11. The Role of Ufo’s and Et’s in Our Rehabilitation
  12. Why Does Monjoronson Not Speak of Esu?
  13. Why Does Monjoronson Not Stay in Esu’s Headquarters?
  14. Melchizedekian Schools
  15. Daniel’s Dilemma
  16. Monjoronson’s Name When He Incarnates

Special Session #15 Charles, a Mighty Messenger

Friday, June 25, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 

Charles, A Mighty Messenger - Verge of Going Global

  1. The Role of Charles, a Mighty Messenger
  2. Seeking Validation
  3. Guidance for These Special Sessions
  4. Audio Archive
  5. Team Must Develop a Unified, Consistent Policy
  6. Future Involvement with Sustainability Issues
  7. The Survival of the Current Civilization is in Doubt
  8. Why is Monjoronson Not Giving Us this Message Personally?
  9. Where has Monjoronson Gone?
  10. Why Has Charles Come to Work with This Team?
  11. Integration Within our Own Organizations Before Going Global
  12. On the Verge of Going Global with our Work

Special Session #16 New Depth of Magisterial Mission

Friday, July 2, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 

New Depth of Magisterial Mission

  1. Monjoronson’s limitations in physical form
  2. New status of the Magisterial Mission
  3. The role of TMarchives as related to this mission
  4. The Melchizedek Schools and Melchizedek Universities
  5. Everybody is involved, to the extent that they wish to be
  6. Charging fees for performing spiritual services
  7. Separating the public from the private messages
  8. The direct approach

Special Session #17 Monjoronson Introduces Charles

Friday, July 16, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 

Monjoronson Introduces Charles, a Mighty Messenger

  1. The Spiritual Bond of Friendship
  2. A Change in Monjoronson’s Availability
  3. Introduction of Charles, a Mighty Messenger
  4. The Confusion of Naming Celestials
  5. Further Details of Charles’ Assignment
  6. A Change of Eras by Rapid Evolution
  7. Adjustments for Upliftment Must Take Time
  8. The Reality of Existence – Partners with Christ Michael
  9. Setting the Course of Your World for Hundreds of Thousands of Years
  10. Your Dogmatisms Will Hold You Back
  11. The Mysterious Providence
  12. Experience with a Planet in Rebellion
  13. Your God Presence within is Your Refuge and Your Anchor
  14. The Difference in Nebadon’s Correcting Time
  15. Psychic and Clairaudient Abilities are Genetically Based
  16. Developing the Ability to Communicate Spiritually
  17. Seeking Validation of Spiritual Beings

Special Session #18 Charles Mortal Life and Mission Update

Monday, August 9, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 

Charles’ Mortal Life and Mission Update

  1. Private Versus Public Transcripts
  2. How Does Charles’ Mortal Life Align with Our Work of Today?
  3. Genetic Remediation
  4. Planetary Changes
  5. Marriage and Family Life
  6. The Biggest Challenges in Working with Our Population
  7. The Humble Individuals Will Make the Greatest Differences in the World
  8. What Are the Similar Challenges Between Your World and Ours?
  9. Living in Full Consciousness
  10. Update of New Decisions Made Recently

Special Session #19 Spiritual Pragmaticism

Friday, August 13, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 

Spiritual Pragmaticism

  1. Practical Spirituality
  2. Achieving Peacefulness, Balance and Centeredness
  3. Growth Through Making Decisions from Options Available
  4. Practice Stillness—God Within You has Much to Say!
  5. Comparison to Others is Unproductive
  6. Your Social Practices are Essential to Your Spiritual Growth
  7. Social Support Groups
  8. Setting the Patterns for Spiritual Growth in the Future
  9. Dealing with Emotional Turmoil
  10. Responding to Someone Dominated by Ego and Need for Power
  11. Growing Past Ego to be in Humility
  12. The Practicality of Jesus’ Teachings
  13. Right-mindedness and Spiritual Pragmatism
  14. Defining Spiritual Pragmatism
  15. A Model for Businesses and Other Social Institutions
  16. Practicing Intentional Consciousness with Spiritual Pragmatism
  17. In What Ways is our Culture the Least Spiritually Pragmatic?
  18. Universe Operates Without Push, Without Force, Without Power.
  19. Patience, Tolerance and Forbearance
  20. Pragmatism of an Evolved Spirituality

Special Session #20 Charles, on Spiritual Pragmaticism

Friday, August 27, 2010
Transmitter / Receiver: 

Charles, on Spiritual Pragmaticism

  1. Definition of Spiritual Pragmatism
  2. The Melchizedek Schools and University
  3. The Staging Has Been Done for this Current Era
  4. The main Intention is to Develop a Sustainable Civilization
  5. Your Attitude Reflects Your Intention to Accept Change
  6. The Universe is Material, Energetic and Organismic
  7. Respect Yourself as an Organism, with the World as an Extension
  8. Appreciate the Earth’s Bounty
  9. Application of Spiritual Pragmatism to the BP Catastrophe
  10. Responding in a Spiritually Pragmatic Way
  11. Assisting Others to Apply Spiritual Pragmatism