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"The genetic coding and the wholeness of that genetic code is a powerful influence. You could go back generations to see the temperament of ancestors coming forward into this new little person, being evident as well. Other individuals come into the world with predispositions of temperament, which are unknown to you, which precede the individual in many ways. The genetic, social family heritage is one, but the soul heritage of the individual is another." --Monjoronson

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Other Celestial Teachers - Serena

Elyon; Serena - Spirit is Like Water, Petitions, Force of Will, The Magisterial Mission

North Idaho
Sunday, January 29, 2006
Transmitter / Receiver: 
  1. Petitions,
  2. Force of Will,
  3. Deliberate Intention,
  4. Encircuiting in Energy Signatures,
  5. Various Questions.
  1. Discussion on intention and allowing, as well as wanting and whining
  2. Are we prepared for the shift?
  3. How will Serena look when we see her?
  4. Will the shift be gradual or sudden?
  5. Questions about being on Monjoronson's staff
  6. What beings will we work with?
  7. A circuitry question