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"This lifetime truly is what you will live on and feast on in your morontial life, as you gain new experiences. You will see this brief archive of history of your soul’s growth and development as a resource for interpreting your new experiences and for re-interpreting the experiences you had during your lifetime." --Monjoronson

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Margul - Be in Your Highest Awareness, Growth Impacted by Inner or Outer Reality

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North Idaho
Sunday, October 30, 2005
Transmitter / Receiver: 

Margul (Jonathan TR): The Father is present, sacred, holy, majestic, pure, ever- loving, compassionate, powerful. You are embraced, enshrouded, permeated by He Who Is, by the One Great Source. As you unfold your life through the power of your will you take this divine deposit, your true capital, your real wealth, and by way of experience you compound in interest which goes into your spiritual account.

Complete is the presence of God that dwells within, but the episodes of a human life build, augment, and expand this core treasure. It is your creative privilege to make this stupendous reality into a miraculous dynamic. All across time, before and after time, and with no relation to time God is. You are of great significance, for you are the moments in which God experiences. This is a gift to Him.

You are the accumulation of wealth in the time account of God. Every one who directs the will to the purpose of growth in soul with spirit increases this marvelous, expansive universe treasure that has been allowed and bestowed by the Great Source. It is your privilege; it is a blessing upon you. I am Margul. May you ever be sensitive with ears tuned to the divine voice. May the infusion of spirit be felt energizing your organic circuitry, filling you with light, with energy and love.

Monjoronson (Mark): Greetings once again. I am Monjoronson. I would continue our series of discussions as we prepare ourselves for the upcoming growth ascension before us. I would invite you today to ponder your lives, a shift in perspective, wherein you might see in more proper light how growth is impacted by reality and how reality may be impacted by growth. In witnessing your conversation and sharing oftentimes it is perceived that growth may be encountered, even forced upon an individual, as a result of circumstances or current realities, and this view holds that the individual is challenged from the outside and somehow must respond and make choices accordingly and then growth happens. I would invite each of you to shift your perspective and attempt to see in the scenario of which comes first, the growth or the reality. I would invite you to examine the opposite, that many times external realities are conditioned by internal growth and in fact are only the shadow of the reality of the individual and their standing in the arena of growth.

Rather than see external influences as making their demands upon you as individuals, you might begin to see yourselves as creating the external realities around you which portray your growth needs and growth levels attained. This shift may allow you to remove the feeling of victimization or helplessness when encountering your immediate surroundings and the reality conditions present. Rather look to these conditions as representative of where you are as individuals and as a mirror to help you to discern what areas you are needing to examine.

Shifting your view to this perspective places you in command of all that surrounds you and comes before you, if you embrace that fact that your surroundings and your opportunities and your limitations are more clearly defined when you perceive this relationship. There is a great deal about your world which is accidental or as a result of the vicissitudes of time and space, but I tell you there is a great, even larger, portion of that which is involved in your reality which is no accident at all but the very creation you have formed with your choices, attitudes, and perceptions. If you can learn to see yourself as co-creators in this process then you begin to see that this co-creation is responsible for much of what "happens" to you.

You may even begin to manipulate that which occurs to reflect that which you are currently working on in your own individual spiritual ascensions. Never underestimate this potential, this ability you have to be on the outside as you are on the inside, to enjoy the level of growth you have attained externally and be willing to take up and use these circumstances and surroundings for what they offer to you. See each circumstance as not only a reflection of where you are but a tool for what you might need and as well a window into potential growth opportunities.

You are all beginning to come to terms with the reality that the great changes having been discussed are not thrust upon us externally that we may be taken off-guard and thrown into uncertainty. Rather we are determining day by day that the realities we are coming in contact with are more and more a result of our internal growth and are a reflection of that which we have and that which we need. Hopefully this process will become smoother so that less time is spent in pondering the connection between that which comes to us and that which we are working on individually, and more and more time can be spent on seeking the lessons we need individually as our service to our overall ascension party. It is required of each of us that we be fit and ready and have our personal affairs in order as we work both individually and as a team.

Therefore we must make the effort both individually and as a team so that we may be prepared in all ways. Once again I thank you for sharing your energy signatures with me as I share mine with you. I thank you for your attention to the details and meaning of the many lessons provided to you. I know that you each one take quite seriously the implications as far as you perceive them, and that degree of willingness on your part is exactly what is required to be a trustworthy companion on this team. Therefore I humbly thank each one of you for so freely offering that which is required so that we may be about this process both together and individually. I would withdraw and allow for whatever communications might take place. Thank you.

Michael: I would greet you all, this is Michael. I would recognize each one of you as steadfast students and servants to myself and to the Father. I would empower each one of you with one simple phrase, one simple act which would change this world, and that is that you each simply be the change that you would have in this world, to be the change that you think I would have in this world, to act as if the reality you desire is already there, to be bold in your conviction that this simple act is all that is required to institute the wheels of change. It is not the grandiose acts of great noteworthiness but rather the grand acts of the individual acting in faith and with conviction that cause the greatest change. I perceive in each of you the desire to serve me, and I offer you a simple technique to be a great lever in your life, to simply assume the role that your heart would desire to play. Remove from your consciousness any barriers of unworthiness, as they simply do not exist except as you give them life.

Turn these barriers over to me that I may lift your burdens. Then assume the role of one who knows and the privilege of the one who does. It is at once surprisingly easy and challenging and difficult, but it is, my dear ones, what you will grow to as we work together. To simply let go and to be is the highest form of living. After you have struggled with the many concepts in the mind and the many positions of the heart I pray you each one find the peace and the grace in your lives to simply be the highest awareness, the brightest light, the noblest ideal that you are aware of. All the other details of life, even the conditions around you, you will find give way to this purpose of being.

You are not so very far away from this condition, and it brings me great joy to witness the steps you take, that you make each day. I look forward with such joy and anticipation at each breakthrough, as we are elevated in buoyancy and the spiritual tide rises. Thank you, my dear ones, for the devotion of your hearts. I know of this, and I am made glad. This is what you bring to me, and I accept this as your gift. I am so greatly pleased. I embrace you, each one, with the arms of spirit.

Know that more and more you will feel this embrace in your lives as you are raised in greater and greater awareness of spirit. Thank you for your direction and purpose; thank you for your intention of soul. I welcome these and I recognize the beauty. I leave you now, but more and more you are aware I never really leave you. But I say the words "farewell".