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You—and when I say “you,” I mean all humankind—have been fraught with challenges, which were never planned for you individually, or as a civilization, that you must now come together within yourself as a person, to draw your resources together to overcome these challenges, and you collectively, as a nation and as a civilization, must also come draw your resources together to overcome the immense challenges which face your people on this world. And, I am here to help you do that. --Monjoronson

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Monjoronson Q&A Session #5 The Diversity of Approach to Truth - Examining Planetary DNA

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Monjoronson.com Q&A Session #5
Tuesday, June 3, 2008
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Monjoronson: Greetings, I am Monjoronson once again arriving at this place with you, this place of service. I am pleased to join you in such a service project together and look forward to these scheduled encounters that we have. It is my privilege and pleasure as well as yours to work together for the common goal of bringing this wonderful creation of Michael's into alignment and into light and life. Truly we appreciate together this opportunity to be of service and to work together in this capacity. I willingly will join you in this opportunity to field some of the questions that we find posted on this forum.

Mary: Monjoronson, I'm going to read this question straight from the website, it's rather lengthy so I will go ahead and get on with it. Hello Monjoronson, I hope you are well. I have a question that falls into the prior subject of discernment in regard to the resonance of truth. I find it more than interesting that different personalities find truth in various places. Specifically I would love for you to address the conflict and resonance regarding three amazing resources of truth, the Urantia book, the Teaching Mission and the Magisterial Mission. Many people who study and love the Urantia book have a difficult time understanding and accepting the truths inherent in the Teaching Mission. At the same time there are many people that fully resonate with the Teaching Mission that have a difficult time resonating with and accepting the ideas of the Magisterial Mission. I have three questions.

Question #1:  Could you speak a bit regarding this diversity of resonance in respect to these three specific and unique channels of truth?

Question #2:  Is this divide a result of the diversity of personality pattern or otherwise could this be a matter of personal discernment?

Question #3:  In the final analysis it seems to me that all those in conflict of approach of a common and mutual understanding of the brotherhood/sisterhood of man, which begs the question: does it even matter that there is diversity of approach, belief or acceptance?

Thanks in advance for your response. Peace and love to you Monjoronson and thank you for your help and efforts during this correcting time.

Monjoronson: This is Monjoronson returning to answer your inquiry. Thank you for your thoughtful question which does indeed speak to the issue of discernment. Your question itself indicates that you have a grasp on some of the dynamics involved in this issue of discernment and appropriateness of the individual. You in your observation state that there seems to be some things which are underlying and simultaneously there are diverse avenues of approach and this is well stated in your question when you ask if this is important as an aspect.

Certainly you have observed in your experience that every individual has a unique perspective on their world and thus on the truth that they apply to this perspective. In fact there are no two perspectives that are identical, each one being unique to its owner and therefore it is required that there be a multitude of approaches to the discernment of truth. As you well know, truth is living and dynamic and is appropriate for each individual at different levels and at different times depending upon their individual growth and progress in maturing and understanding.

This necessitates that all allowances be made for each individual to receive truth on their own terms and in their own time. As mortals of the realm you would like to believe that there is but one common truth, one underlying principle and that all other aspects would simply be false or untruth but in fact all these different perspectives are relative truths, that is it is not simply a matter of this or that being the truth but rather many times it is this and that, that constitutes the truth for everyone’s perspective is narrow and incomplete and truth is so all encompassing that it cannot be defined by anyone’s narrow perspective of it.

Rather it embraces and includes all different perspectives. To constitute the greater understanding requires the combination of many perspectives and many differing truths as you would call them. Certainly even in your own experience you can notice that in the many different religions for example, there are kernels of truth within each and yet at the same time there are distinctions in each and while it is human nature to try to narrow the perspective to claim you have found the truth, have the truth, possess the truth and then own the truth is an immature perspective because you fail to see that there is truth in all avenues and in all perspectives.

It is not necessary to attempt to exclude things which are outside of your perspective, rather real truth will seek to include all avenues of approach. And so you will find your brothers and sisters gathering around different points of view and different perspectives as the ones they most readily resonate with. This is a natural tendency of humans to rally around a common cause and this is well and good as it is a supportive environment for those who participate in such action. Where this turns [non] beneficial is when any club or group or organization declares that their path surely is the only path or the right path to the exclusion of all others.

We must remember that all these paths are there because they are chosen by ones who resonate [with them] and while it is easy for you to choose sides and declare your side the more correct it is not necessarily beneficial that you follow this pattern of winners and losers because in this game, in The Father's grand plan, there are no losers. There are many different ways, many different paths, many different perspectives and in order that this game be won, all must be accepted as valid approaches for they are there as a result of the needs and the choices of these individuals and they serve a valid purpose for these individuals at their station in evolution.

Do not let these divisions overly concern you. What you are predominantly likely to feel is that you would like to belong to a club which is popular and which is widely accepted by all and when you find yourself belonging to a club which stands in contrast to other organizations or clubs then it is easy to feel a disharmony because the normal pattern of human nature is to define things as us and them, a right and wrong, good or bad. We must tackle this issue of judgment and the effect it has on dividing the children who are all seeking the same thing.

So I would support the last part of your question that it shouldn't matter to you or to any of the others where you find yourself or where they find themselves. It is the more mature perspective to live and let live, to simply resist the familiar patterning that arrives with the observation that there are distinctions and differences. To some, they will find all they need with the group that identifies with the Urantia book. Others will be motivated to expand beyond the Urantia book and identify with what you as a group have defined and delineated as now two distinct groups, the Teaching Mission and the Magisterial Mission.

Of course in the universal perspective there is no such distinction, it is all one grand mission, the mission of Michael and the upliftment of His world. This mission may fragment into various segments but all these segments surely are under one gigantic umbrella. I hope this addresses your inquiry, thank you for your question.

Question #4:  Mary: Thank you Monjoronson. Here's another question involving planetary DNA. My question relates to human DNA. How does the current DNA of humans compare to the DNA of mortals on planets that were never subjected to rebellion? Our text the Urantia book tells us that the default of Adam and Eve caused our DNA to be deficient as compared to the DNA of other mortals where their material sons and daughters accomplished their mission. However my question relates to the effects the rebellion itself had on the development of our DNA.

Question #5:  My second question has to do with Adam and Eve. What is expected to be their involvement with your mission?

Question #6:  Also if there are current efforts in place to alter the DNA of those who desire to be up-stepped to better assist you in the coming time?

Monjoronson: Thank you for your question. As you may well know, your scientists have uncovered a great deal about the importance of your DNA and as you may well have concluded there is still a great deal they have yet to discover. This part of your being you have rightly discovered is responsible for imparting to the next generation critical information and therefore when any two individuals mate they are able to each one impart critical information that is necessary to the combination of the new life they create.

As you may well imagine, if this tiniest aspect of your being is capable of bringing forward genetic traits it is also capable of bringing forward traits of your lineage and it is this record of your history that is passed down generation to generation. Your scientists have yet to discover the depths of significance in this genetic code that you each have which can be passed forward from you but also has been passed forward to you through many, many generations. And as you well know, genetically this code is altered with each generation.

This alteration adds to this genetic code each time and becomes uniquely altered throughout the entire process. Therefore the DNA that you have in you right now is the culmination of a million years of evolution, It contains the genetic memory, if you will, of your lineage and as well carries with it the lineage of divinity. These unused or un-accessed portions of your DNA are nevertheless part of your makeup as they were part of the makeup of all those who came before you who made it possible for you to be here today.

Therefore your DNA is unique not only to you but to your planet, to your growth as a species and in this way is your pool of DNA on this planet entirely unique to the unfolding of this world. Just as I spoke of different perspectives there are different perspectives and different realities on different worlds. No two have the same history or the same lineage and therefore this pool of the brotherhood of man is unique in this petri dish experiment in time and space.

You ask what role Adam and Eve might have to play and I can only tell you that they are eager to play a role. Certainly it is of keen interest to them what happens to this pool of genetic makeup that they too have contributed to. As your text has said, they had grand plans for larger contributions to this genetic pool and their efforts were thwarted but they are still keenly interested in helping with this process of uplifting the gene pool and this speaks to the question of DNA as well.

Your question also asks whether the DNA you possess or that is currently part of the composition of the brotherhood of man can be changed or altered but I tell you that it is changed and altered routinely and regularly. It may be contributed to throughout this entire process and parts of your DNA that have been dormant may now become activated by frequencies of energy that are being sent out from on high and as you become more enlightened and more aware, this in turn has an impact not only on your DNA in this life but all subsequent DNA will then become the carriers of this new enhanced dimension.

And so it is that this DNA, this scroll of your past becomes changed and altered with each generation and now as we approach the spiritual age, it may in fact be changed within each lifetime. It may be enhanced by the same creative force that you are becoming familiar with as co-creative beings. This is entirely within the realm of possibility, it is even probable as this is consistent with the divine plan of evolution and development and it is this most basic element of yourselves that will contain these new codes and these new awakenings for generations to come. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:  Mary: Thank you for your answer Monjoronson. We have one last question tonight and it reads; how long in earth days will it take to get from here to Mansonia #1 when we cross over? Thank you.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your question. A question such as this must at one point be on the mind of everyone who is aware enough to know that they are bound for Mansonia #1. It indicates a certain level of awareness and its associated curiosity, however there are many factors involved in such a journey and it is in no way pre-determined what the course that will be taken may be. For instance the questioner assumes that you will be going rather directly to the first Mansion world and I declare to you plainly that this is a matter which is largely under your control.

If you for instance apply yourself and are able to make sufficient spiritual progress while here in this life, there may in fact be no need for you to travel to this particular sphere and so I would ask you to consider lifting the limitations on your perceptions of an absolute path that must be traveled from here to there. Surely your text has defined for you normal routine progressions that are part of a normal developing world's inhabitants journeys but this world, as you are coming to understand is anything but normal and you may if you choose, decide to avail yourselves of all the opportunities to grow in spirit here on this sphere and find it unnecessary to go to Mansion World #1.

As you well know there is a great gulf in trying to reference the realm of time and space that you find yourself in with the spiritual realm in terms of how long things take for your idea of days, hours, weeks for time itself is a construct you have in your mind and it does not apply once you leave this sphere. And so it is difficult to determine how many apples equal one orange. Suffice it to say that the whole concept will be instantaneously irrelevant to you the moment, that is a moment your time, that you depart from this paradigm of time; you will enter a new paradigm of time and find it hard to relate to your old construct of understanding of days, weeks, rotation of the earth, cycles around the sun.

All of those things are simply your attempt to bring pattern and meaning into this cyclical world that you observe, in fact the part of you that endures is timeless and is only enjoying this experience of being temporarily time bound and one day, week, year, whatever you will look back so to speak and recall how patterned your life was so arbitrarily by a thing that you used to call time. When looking from the perspective of eternity time is hardly relative. So I encourage you to think in broad terms, in expansive terms and release yourself from the restrictions of how long, are we there yet, how much longer?

Rather enjoy this experience of spinning around the sun every so often and watching yourselves grow old because this is the only place that such events will happen to you in your existence. Cherish these moments in time and do not concern yourself how long will this take or are we there yet. We have a long way to go, thank you for your question.

Mary: Thank you for being with us tonight Monjoronson.

Monjoronson: It is indeed my privilege and pleasure to join you for this exercise in bridging these dimensions. I understand that you are bound by time and have these restrictions before you and I honor them for they are your reality. And so I see that the hour grows long and the time grows short and so I will honor your experience and adhere to your time schedules. Thank you for your questions and I will join you again next week at this time for another installment in our service project together. Thank you for joining me, farewell.