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“Don’t believe everything you think. It is essential that you weigh your own thinking; it is essential that you see your thinking as a choice, one of many numerous options, for right thinking has a facet, as well, of seeing your mind function as a choice. You have self-will; you have individual will, which can choose what you think and what you accept into your thinking. Many people have been taught that when they are going to bed and their mind is busy, that they have the option to tell their mind to stop thinking; it is time to sleep; it is time to be in repose; it is time to be quiet and let the veil of sleep cross over your mind. And so you can invoke your will in what you think." --Monjoronson

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The Triumvirate

The triumvirate consists of three spiritual leaders who are responsible for the creation and implementation of a plan to rehabilitate our planet.

The Magisterial Mission is one of many anticipated missions during the period of correction our planet is currently experiencing called the Correcting Time. The need for correction resulted when two major defaults occurred that led to rebellion on our planet and several other planets in this sector of our universe.

There are currently three individuals designated as leaders of the Correcting Time that make up the Triumvirate. They are Christ Michael, Machiventa Melchizedek and Monjoronson. Christ Michael, known to many on our planet as Jesus Christ and who lived a material life on Earth is actually the Paradise Creator Son who created this universe we live in. Machiventa Melchizedek is a member of the Melchizedek order within our universe and has played an emergency leadership role since the rebellion occurred on our planet. Machiventa now serves as the leader of our planet’s spiritual government. Monjoronson is a Magisterial Son hailed from Paradise to assist in the rehabilitation of our planet. He is the leader of the Magisterial Mission that is currently taking place on our planet. In this section you will find significant communications transmitted by these three leaders related to the Magisterial Mission on Earth.