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At this time it is important that individuals begin to express in their lives, a greater sense of spiritual presence on the planet and it is hoped that through the demonstration and living of this spiritual presence that one's life becomes as a fragrance which will attract others to a sense of understanding, acknowledgment and acceptance. --Monjoronson

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Like so many, my spiritual education began in childhood guided by the beliefs and practices of my family and the culture that surrounded me. And again, like so many as I grew and acquired experience of my own, I began to develop my own sense of spiritual reality.

There were of course milestones in my early development…such as my participation in a summer Presbyterian mission where I was asked to teach Bible classes to those in the hills of Jamaica. I soon discovered they knew the bible better than I and I tasted the hypocrisy of one being revered due to the perceived status of one’s country rather than the accomplishments of the individual. That experience turned me away from organized religion and though I continued to believe in God, the teachings of Christ, and the bible as a sacred text, I began to develop questions beyond much of what I read as metaphor in the Bible. It was not until my introduction and study of the Urantia book 38 years ago that I found a written source that actually answered in more specific terms many of my questions about the spiritual significance of my life on Earth and the universal realities beyond this earthly existence.

Through the many years that followed, I‘ve expanded my knowledge by reading widely in spiritual, philosophical, sacred and secular literature only to find myself returning to the Urantia Book as the most reliable source of spiritual reality, universal law and cosmology. While discouraging readers to make it the foundation for yet another religion on earth, it provides a logical explanation and history for the current difficulties and state of affairs that exist on our planet today and supports the universal connection of all beings to each other regardless of religious belief or affiliation. Most importantly, the Urantia book respects our individual diversity and encourages each of us to develop our own unique and personal relationship with the divine.

Again like so many, my journey did not end there…for soon I was to discover the validity to the statement that revelation and truth are ongoing and experiential. It cannot be contained in the covers of any book no matter how sacred we may consider its origin or contents. Just at the time when my life had reached a peak of complexity and fulfillment with a 40 year career in education, and a 35 year family life as wife, mother and grandmother…I was to discover that others were indeed receiving additional revelation in the form of personal communication with celestial beings. Many of these humans were either Urantia Book students or who after celestial contact were led to the Urantia Book.

I spent two years voraciously reading hundreds of these transcripts from our celestial friends in an effort to validate the existence of ongoing revelation. I concluded that there is indeed value and authentication to two movements taking place at this time between celestial beings and humans; One being the personal training given to human individuals called the Teaching Mission and the other being the training of those in preparation for the arrival of a magisterial/paradise son called the Magisterial Mission. So for several years now, I’ve jumped in with both feet and an open heart/mind to participate with others and contribute to the will of the Father as it relates what I understand as plans for all who live on our Earth called the Correcting Time.

Some of you may know me as the moderator of the Special Sessions with Monjoronson, the soon to arrive Magisterial Son and his staff. This truly was the beginning of both my public and inner dialogue with Monjoronson who is known by many names in other religious faiths and circles. It is anticipated by many that he will come to Earth for all of mankind during this lifetime to assist us in the rehabilitation and future evolution of our planet.
You may also have noted that in the midst of these very first sessions with him, (unbeknownst to me at the time), I was being prepared for the unexpected passing of my husband of 35 years which occurred two weeks after engaging Monjoronson in multiple sessions on the topic of death and dying. This engagement did not end there, as Monjoronson has maintained a truly supportive and intimate presence with me as I journey through the multiple layers of grief, adjustment and acceptance. His daily presence in my life, his compassion, and his continual guidance is testament to the wonderful gift soon to be bestowed upon the willing inhabitants of our planet who choose to drink from his wisdom as he manifests in the human form on Urantia (the universal name for our planet, Earth).

As I began to rebuild a life from one that had literally stopped in its tracks, I’ve begun to realize that the journey is just beginning. And as I’ve trudged along desperately missing the day-to-day anchor that my husband was in my life, my needs have been anticipated by our celestial friends. I am the continual recipient of many generous offerings that have lightened my load and proven to me that in this friendly universe, anything is possible. The insight and engagement with Monjoronson and other beings of light continues to this day. Through their guidance and training, I am continually exploring what exists beyond our lives on Earth as I am simultaneously brought into the creative fold of this magnificent plan to rehabilitate this planet.

You will find as many have before me, that through contemplation and stillness, a personal path unfolds that discloses for each of us how we can contribute in an active ‘spiritually pragmatic’ way toward the healing and elevation of life on our planet. And in following this path, I am continually awed by the gifts I receive that in the younger years of my life, I would have viewed as nothing short of miracles. This is our future destiny, this unfolding of the potential in each of us to receive and in turn give as we take our rightful co-creative seat as divine and spiritual children of our Father, Creator or First Source ( whatever you may choose to call it).

As we grow and develop in this material dimension we live in, we learn that we function at the non-absolute level of truth. Because of this, truth lies in the eyes of the beholder. As we journey through life, there is still much to learn that may change our view of what is real, true and relevant and we must remain aware flexible and open to new discoveries. And yet what continually surfaces throughout my studies and communications, is a validation that there are certain universal truths that remain constant. It is these that we wish to share with you. At the same time we wish to offer for your considerations, some answers, possibilities, and maybe alternative truths to the frequently asked questions that one encounters in our journey to self-discovery.

I encourage you to ‘believe’ that we are indeed embarking on a new age of consciousness with gifts abound for all who seek this connection to their divinity within and forge ahead with faith in the belief that all things are possible.

Post-graduation in Master of Computer Application (MCA) from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi, India. I always had special interest towards technology, whether it is about Computers, Electricals, Electronics, Mechanics or something else. I was creative by nature and like a scientist, I wanted to invent something new. I am working as a full time employee in an IT company and have almost mastered the art of coding skills. The goal of my life is to use all my 15 years of IT experience to form the biggest spiritual networking website, which is free from any commercial ads, politics, religion and everything which is not spiritual.

Born in 1974 in a Hindu family, I was never a follower of any religion. I always believed that there is something more. I used to look at the sky and think about the mysteries of the universe. Science was not able to provide answers to the questions I had in my mind. Most of my life was full of struggle, and I never got anything easily. There was no guidance from parents or any relative or friends. It was due to the inner guidance from the spark of God, that I crossed all the obstacles in my life with ease. Started my career as an IT professional in 2000 and changed many companies but I didn’t get the complete satisfaction. May be I had more to give than the company wanted from me.

I started seeing 11:11 prompt from 2005 onwards after my marriage. For the first 5 years I had no clue about what it is, and why I see 1111 or 11:11, which is beyond the laws of probability. Sometimes I used to think that it might have some connection with my previous life, but still I wasn’t convinced about it. It is only in January 2011 that I came to know about that this is worldwide phenomenon and I am not alone. Then I came to know about George Barnard and Chris Maurus, the founders of 11:11 Progress Group and The Correcting Time sites respectively. And then my spiritual journey has started….

Now when I am awakened, and know something about the universe realities, my whole perception about how I see the world has changed. I see how news channels try to sell negative news, and how so called religious and spiritual gurus, play with the minds of the innocent people. Temples are being used for business and poor people who cannot buy temple ticket, are not allowed to go inside. Humanity is almost lost. There is darkness everywhere and everybody is running after the material wealth, as if there is no tomorrow. My aim is to use all the spiritual tools and technologies available and use them for the benefit of restoring the spirituality in this world and to bring the world one step closer to the age of Light and Life.

Computer information systems and business graduate with highest honors from Davenport University; Senior Research and Development Engineer with over 30 years experience in mechanical design, technical writing, and graphic illustration, I continue to work in private industry in industrial automation in south east lower Michigan until I am thus called to full time duty in the service of humanity--my true life mission.

I became deeply interested in metaphysics and earth sciences in 2000 and began studying earth changes in climate, seismology, volcanism, and the sun/earth relationship long before the term "global warming" was a household word. I had an insatiable thirst for knowledge and understanding about why the earth and surrounding planets were experiencing tremendous changes in their atmospheres and typologies. I began to look at the ancient writings of the Egyptians and the Mayans, indigenous peoples prophecies and observances and searched for correlations. I not only discovered that earth was accelerating in global change, but people, societies, and governments were in the pangs of a rebirth and a restructuring. I could start to see the tug and pull of the dual nature of man play out on the world stage and knew something wonderful was soon to happen.

Fascinated by the accounts of near death experiences and the afterlife, I investigated the works of hundreds of 19th and early 20th century spirit writings for which I developed a theory explaining “The Sleep Life of the Soul,” why we never stop learning and communicating, even in sleep, the soul continues to grow and evolve. While I was investigating the afterlife and developing my theories on the soul, I began experimenting with deep meditation, which led to several out-of-body experiences where I became convinced in eternal personality survival and was myself having a spiritual awakening that continues to evolve and change bringing a deeper meaning to my life and the realization in the connectedness of all things and beings. It was at this point having felt the deep spiritual unity of meditation and communion with the Creator, that I finally left the Christian Church in search of the deeper meanings to life and eternity.

Shortly after this time I suffered the loss of several family members, my father and two brothers, and began experiencing the 11:11 enigma. The frequency and variety of the number prompts I was experiencing fell well outside the normal curve of statistical probabilities to the point that I could no longer dismiss them as coincidence. I began searching for an explanation for the 11:11 phenomena where I discovered a group of other time prompted individuals like myself from all over the planet, from various countries, races, religions, and cultures. It was the ministry of George Barnard and the 11:11 Progress Group that led me to the truth and purpose of the phenomena. From there I was introduced to the revelatory work of the Urantia Book and the United Midwayers of Urantia, the beings responsible for the time prompts. It was the very thing I had long searched for my whole life and I quickly became familiar with the Urantia Book contents through hundreds of hours of study and I continue to review its revelations on a daily basis.

In 2007, I began a daily journal with the intention to reach out to spirit, which then led to receiving channeled messages from a group of ascendant mortal teachers called “The Circle of Seven” who’s messages have inspired thousands world wide and are posted weekly to my web blog, 11:11 The Correcting Time. I'm now a contributor to the 11:11 Progress Group as a receiver where my channeled messages and others go out to thousands around the world in four languages each day through the Internet in subscriber list email and message board. I am currently working on my first book documenting my experiences with the 11:11 phenomena, my spiritual awakening, and my ability to channel The Circle of Seven messages and the impact it is having on my life and others.

The journey continues...